Sunday, October 17, 2010

And the winner of this year's Aaron Klein Award...

... for Schmoozing with Tewworists is... Antonio Salas (aka Mohammed Abdullah)!

Not content with serving up Koutsoukis' nonsense, the Fairfax press also saw fit to try us this weekend with When Carlos the Jackal called for a chat (Giles Tremlett, Guardian/Sydney Morning Herald, 16/10/10). Some doozies:

"Few undercover reporters have been prepared to sacrifice as much as the Spaniard who goes by the pseudonym of Antonio Salas. Circumcision was just one hurdle in passing himself off as a radical Islamist and infiltrating the shadowy, interconnected world of international terrorism." Ouch!

"He learned Arabic..." A doddle.

"Salas also wrote out the Koran by hand... 'It helped convince people', he says'." Ah, but did he write it in his own blood?

"We mocked up an apartment in Barcelona to look as though it was in Palestine and took photos." It's amazing how similar apartments look wherever you go, but that camel in the corner fooled those jihadis every time.

"The final part of his cover was to become a pro-jihad journalist, contributing to radical publications. He traveled to the Arab world, from Egypt to Jordan and Lebanon, writing articles that would help seal his militant credentials. 'I even wrote a couple of books', he says." In Arabic!

"Salas picked the Venezuela of President Hugo Chavez as his base. 'I had been told Venezuela was a mecca of international terrorism', he says." And believed every word!

"'The FARC group from Colombia was there, as were people from ETA'." FARC me dead! You mean, FARC and ETA have gone global?

"Numerous other small revolutionary groups had also set up under Chavez's benevolent gaze. There Salas established himself as yet another niche radical - flying the flag for Palestine and running a local branch of Hezbollah." FARC, Hezbollah too? Batten down the hatches. Head for the hills! None of us is safe! From the corporate media...

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