Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breathtaking American Servility

I remember veteran Israeli activist Uri Avnery once writing that "The relationship between the United States and Israel is difficult to define. The US has no official mandate over our country. It is not a normal alliance between two nations. Neither is it a relationship between a satellite and [its] master country. Some people say, only half in jest, that the US is an Israeli colony. And indeed, in many respects, it looks like that. President Bush dances to Ariel Sharon's tune. Both Houses of Congress are totally subservient to the Israeli right-wing, much more so than the Knesset. It has been said that if the pro-Israel lobby were to sponsor a resolution on Capitol Hill calling for the abolition of the Ten Commandments, both Houses of Congress would adopt it overwhelmingly." (King George,, 24/1/05)

Avnery could have added: if the Israeli government were to insist, as it has recently, that the Palestinian Authority publicly embrace Zionism, the US administration would immediately declare, And why not? We have.


Following Netanyahu's recent breathtaking display of Zionist Chutzpah (see my post of this title), offering the Palestinian Authority a 2 month settlement freeze in exchange for its recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, comes this breathtaking display of American servility:

"Though the Palestinian Authority has rejected an Israeli demand for them to declare their public recognition of Israel as a uniquely 'Jewish' state, citing concerns for the nation's Arab minority, the US State Department has been Johnny-on-the-spot with its own unsolicited declaration that they are committed to Israel's status in that regard. 'We recognize the special nature of the Israeli state. It is a state for the Jewish people', declared spokesman PJ Crowley. Crowley added that it was a 'core demand of the Israeli government, which we support'." (US committed to Israel as 'Jewish state', Jason Ditz,, 12/10/10)

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Paul said...

If Israel is uniquely a State for Jewish people, the it follows that the Americans, in the same sprit, should be supporting the right of the Taliban to impose a uniquely Islamic State.