Saturday, October 23, 2010

Burqa Rage

"Andrew White (Letters, October 22) says he 'shook with rage' watching Adam Bandt and Andrew Wilkie deliver their emotional speeches. Doesn't anyone feel that same rage when they see burqa-clad Afghan women or when they hear of girls having acid thrown in their faces for wanting to go to school? That people are willing to ignore these conditions in Afghanistan makes me shudder." Alice Khatchigian*, Ermington, Sydney Morning Herald, 23/10/10

OK, Alice, off you go! Rip off those bloody burqas! Stand between the acid throwers and their victims! No, writing a letter on such a subject isn't enough. Action speaks louder than words. Oh, so that's what our troops are there for? To save brown women from brown men? Well, why doesn't the PM just say so?

[See my 3/12/09 post Revolted]

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