Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Games Zionists Play 2

The Australian Jewish News, The Australian's Mini-Me, is a veritable compendium of Zionist narcissism, parochialism and tunnel vision.

This week's issue contains a magazine format insert called Preparing for Pesach.

On page 10, under the heading Let these people go, we are told that "Pesach celebrates the Israelites' freedom from oppression in Ancient Egypt. As you sit in appreciation around the seder table this year, take a moment to consider the plight of people who continue to experience repression and tyranny as their human rights are violated."

And which people exactly have been singled out, by whoever was responsible for Let these people go, for the special consideration of those seated around the seder table this year?

Well, here they are: 1) The women of Burkina Faso; 2) Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi and the over 2,200 political prisoners in that country; 3) Iranian women; and 4) Migrant workers in Malaysia.

At the foot of the page we read that "This information was published courtesy of Amnesty International Australia."

Did it ever occur, I wonder, to those at AI who supplied the information used in this piece to the AJN, that they were aiding and abetting a truly blatant display of Zionist hypocrisy?

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