Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Handle Zionist Hoodlums...

... by The Angry Arab:

"Zionists have been outraged by my speech at the Palestinian American Women's Association of California (PAWA) event in Orange County*. Notice how they represent this organisation as some kind of dangerous outfit. They are so scared of the future of dead Israel, and so desperate they'd even call Palestinian boy scouts terrorists. And the ouster of Mubarak has made them even more so, so that they're striving to ban any view opposed to their interests. So back to the PAWA event: It was videotaped and I'll provide a link when I get one.

[* Cal. State Prof: 'The Arab world will never prosper until the Zionist regime is removed!', Moshe Phillips,, 13/4/11]

"Of course, I stand by every word I said. I take nothing back. Zionist hoodlums should know they're dealing with the Angry Arab, not with your common (especially in the US) equivocating Arab. They're not dealing with UAE propagandists like James Zogby, who has never met a Zionist he didn't feel the urge to bow down to. If they think they can pressure or intimidate me into changing my words or taking back my statements, they're dead wrong. And if they're outraged by my statements against the terrorist entity that is Israel, they can sneak into the audience at my next public appearance and ask me if I recognise Israel or if I accept its legitimacy. I've observed many Arabs in the US squirm and obfuscate and not give a straight answer to that question, while others would say something like 'Israel doesn't have defined borders'. Me? I relish those questions when they come my way. I love to throw it back to Zionists: I'd never ever recognise the legitimacy of that terrible state, and I wouldn't recognise it even if it were confined to an area no bigger than a teacup. No, not in my lifetime. And yes, they understood correctly: I would cheer on and celebrate the demise of Israel. Of course, seeing they can't get me to slip up or pin down any word of prejudice in my rhetoric, they'll resort to fabrications. One Zionist fool conflated the idea of Israel's demise with the elimination of 6 million Jews, as if the demise of the apartheid regime in South Africa amounted to the elimination of whites in South Africa. But you can't teach logic or facts to Zionists. It's a futile exercise.

"But no need to stress: Israel's going down, and faster than we'd imagined. Israel's crimes are expediting its demise, shortening its life span. And when the day comes, I'll be singing Arabic songs from the rooftops, here and in liberated Palestine, every square inch of liberated Palestine. And if you Zionists don't like these words, I'll repeat them in simpler language until you get it. Go fly a kite or weep for Mubarak - but not on our lands." (My message to Zionist hoodlums: go fly a kite or weep for Mubarak,, 17/4/11)

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Anonymous said...


“Sometimes, looked at from the outside, Australia is a strange place. In other ‘western democracies’ the ‘debate’ about the enduring injustice dealt the Palestinians and Israel’s lawlessness has moved forward to the point where the cynical campaign of anti-Semitism smears is no longer effective — in the UK, much of Europe and even the United States.
If Israel’s bloody assault on Lebanon was not the turning point, the criminal attack on the imprisoned population of Gaza certainly was. The same is true of the BDS movement. This eminently reasonable, decent and necessary campaign enjoys a respectability across the world, not least in South Africa, where it’s backed by the likes of Desmond Tutu and especially those Jews who fought the apartheid regime. The University of Johannesburg, the country’s biggest, has just broken all ties with Israel. Justice for Palestine, said, Mandela, is ‘the greatest moral issue of our time’. That’s the company those Marrickville councillors who have stood up for this ‘greatest moral issue’, keep. And those who have wavered and walked away should think again – remembering other waverers who, long ago, walked away from speaking out against what was being done to Jews. The scale is very different; the principle is the same. Do not be intimidated by Murdoch vendettas or by anyone else. All power to you.”
John Pilger