Saturday, April 2, 2011

Watermelons Under the Bed

Ho hum, just another day of crackling hysteria and drooling idiocy at The Australian.

Seeing you're a busy lot and don't read the damn thing anyway (I know, I know, don't talk to me about dry cleaning costs), I'll do my best to reduce today's wall-to-wall coverage of the greatest threat ever to face the Middle East's only white, naked, trembling virgin since she was last circled by swarthy, leering, scimitar-waving bikies.

I speak, of course, of the chilling prospect of Greens senator elect and sorceress Lee Rhiannon uttering the (black) magic letters B-D-S in the Australian senate, an utterance which will, to draw on the grim prognosis of Ozraeli MP Michael Danby on page 6*, inexorably lead to the destruction of the late great Jewish state of Israel, bring about the death, exile or dhimmitude of millions of Israeli Jews, and usher in a replacement theocratic state presided over by the dreaded, moustache-twirling HAMAS.

OK, ready? Here goes: The Australian, which was hijacked way back when by Zionist ideologues, trots out a surplus of superannuated Australian political leaders, most of whom just happen to belong to the party which has just pulled off the greatest electoral trainwreck in Australian history, to accuse the Greens, who have just picked up their first state lower house and increased their number in the upper, of being "hijacked by socialist ideologues." (Brown puts Greens Left on notice, Ben Packham & Dennis Shanahan, 2/4/11)

And whereas in the past, this lot would have dismissed the Greens contemptuously as nothing more than 'tree huggers', they are now worried sick that those very same tree huggers are under threat from so-called green-on-the-outside, red-on-the-inside 'watermelons', and are urging Bob the Tree-Hugger to convert them to fruit salad NOW before it's too late.

[* And just to show I'm not making this up, here are Danby's own words: "The boycott campaign... is a tactic designed by extremist organisations such as Hamas to mask the strategy of the 'one state solution', a single state between Jordan and the Mediterranean. This would lead to the destruction of the independent Jewish state of Israel. Any Israeli Jews who are not killed, who did not flee for their lives, would be left as a benighted minority (the Arab word for which is 'Dhimmis') in a Hamas-ruled theocratic state." (Knowing the truth will scare voters) Danby's too ideologically thick to realise it, of course, but the nightmare vision he's conjured up here would have a Palestinian refugee shaking his head and muttering, 'Yeah, yeah, been there, done that'. ]


Anonymous said...

I think that they might be becoming alarmed that this is gathering pace.

The pasted comments below are what passes as journalism at 'The Drum' (ABC) by Glenn Milne. But note, hidden among the rants is a fearful note about the success of the gathering storm of demonstrations.

"And if you think Rhiannon is just an isolated example of anti-Israeli sentiment within the Greens, in a moment I’ll come to some unsavoury associations of sitting Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, as well.
Rhiannon has spoken at anti-Israel rallies ....

"Gillard cannot stand idly by and refuse to condemn Rhiannon and her fellow anti-Israeli travellers ....

"Which makes Rhiannon’s views even more alarming. Brown’s failure so far to repudiate them leaves him open to the charge he is a fellow traveller to what can be seen as racist sentiments.

"But the trouble is Rhiannon is not alone in associating herself with anti-Israeli elements. On January 18, 2009 3,000 demonstrators marched in Melbourne to condemn the unilateral ceasefire announced by Israel in the Gaza strip.

"The real moral imperative now – for both Gillard and Bob Brown – is to disassociate themselves from both Lee Rhiannon and the supporters of Sarah-Hanson Young."

Note the language used: "anti-Israeli elements" and " her fellow anti-Israeli travellers"; to me signs of desperation dredged from the McCarthy era.

Let's hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps somebody with more tech savvy than I should get together some facts about Israel's "democracy"-law of return,law preventing non-Jews from owning land,law preventing non Jews from owning land etc,demand for rcognition as "the Jewish state" with 20% Palestinian Muslims and Christians etc.Add another page of the ways Israel is a "state which abides by the rule of law";occupation,land theft,collective punishment,cluster munitions,deporting part of it's population into occupied territory,failure to protect the civil and human rights of the occupied pop etc etc.Send it off to Seanator Arbetz and Bob Brown-hell, send it off to every politician in Australia.