Saturday, April 16, 2011

When the Order Comes

When I posted Zionist Chutzpah Hits the Hustings on 22 February (in response to the daubing of a certain burqa-bothered graffitist in the Sydney suburb of Newtown), I had no idea that the perfectly correct and commendable adoption of a pro-BDS stance by a mere Sydney council would be elevated to such prominence in the NSW election campaign and beyond that the real political story of the day, the consignment to electoral purgatory of the once mighty Labor Party, would be all but eclipsed.

Anyone who's been following my coverage of the Murdoch media campaign targeting Marrickville mayor Fiona Byrne and her party will understand that The Australian (and lately The Daily Telegraph) is merely a megaphone for the Zionist lobby and its key goal of heading off the BDS herd at the pass.

OK, so the Murdoch press is the plaything of those for whom the realisation of the Zionist wet dream - a Jewish state from the river to the sea, settlements, Jordan Valley, the lot, preferably Arabrein - is all that really matters in life. But if only their sway ended there. Unfortunately though, it doesn't.

As if LibLab's extraordinary parliamentary toast to Israel on its 60th birthday, the ongoing abuse of our vote in the UNGA, our role in orchestrating the boycott of Durban II, our kiss-and-make-up approach to Mossad's purloining of our passports, and our endless political and journalistic caravans to the Middle East's only (gerrymandered) democracy were not enough, we now have a state premier taking his marching orders from you just know where:

"An ultimatum has been given to the Greens-run Marrickville Council by Premier Barry O'Farrell - drop your boycott of Israel or face the sack. He issued the warning yesterday in a stern letter to Greens Mayor Fiona Byrne threatening to use his powers under the Local Government Act to move against the Sydney council if it did not comply. Ms Byrne, who lost her seat because of the backlash against the boycott, could find herself out of a job if she doesn't back down. The letter obtained by The Daily Telegraph, gave the council a 28-day deadline. 'The NSW Government will consider the range of options available to it. I strongly suggest that council rescind the resolution', Mr O'Farrell wrote." (The Byrne ultimatum, Simon Benson, Daily Telegraph)

Sure, Premier O'Farrell can defy the Shooters & Fishers Party and its 2 upper house MPs whose votes he may need down the track if he wants to get his legislation through: "NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell says he won't be held hostage to demands from the Shooters & Fishers Party to allow hunting in national parks [and] shooting as a sport in schools... 'There will not be a decision to turn our national parks into hunting reserves [and] we're not going to replace literacy and numeracy in our schools with 'How to dismantle a gun in 5 seconds'." (O'Farrell rules out deals with Shooters, Sydney Morning Herald, 14/4/11)

And he can proclaim loudly, as he did in his victory speech: "The Liberal Party was formed to represent all people, not sectional interests." (O'Farrell claims victory,, 27/3/11)

But there's no defying Israel and its fifth column when the order comes to silence Marrickville Council.

What the hell is happening to us?

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Anonymous said...

We may not be far from an indictment for "inciting hate".