Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Time, Another Place

It's hard to believe but BDS campaigns against genocidal, occupying powers were once a breeze in Australia.

The following document, dated 10/9/99, can be viewed in its entirety at

"Nobel Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta has urged Australian workers to do whatever they can to pressure the Indonesian Government to bring the violence in East Timor under control, including details of protest actions. In a letter to the Labor Council of NSW, Ramos Horta says the support to date has been both practical and appreciated. But he asks the union movement to 'initiate suitable industrial action, such as refusing to service Garuda aircraft'.

"The ACTU this week endorsed a 'campaign for peace' including industrial action, consumer boycotts and lobbying efforts to bring the situation under control. A similar resolution has been endorsed by the NSW Labor Council. The Sydney community protests are being led by the CFMEU Construction division, which is providing significant resources and logistical support, backed by the Labor Council of NSW.

"Meanwhile, many trade unions have already announced action against Indonesian Government and related business interests, including:

1) The Maritime Union has imposed bans on all Indonesian ships and cargo and will block a shipment of around 80,000 tonnes of wheat due to be exported next week.

2) Printing workers are refusing to handle paper products made in Indonesia.

3) Community actions today forced the rescheduling of flights by Garuda Airlines in both Sydney and Melbourne airports.

4) Postal and telecommunication workers have placed bans on communications, including fault repairs, to the Indonesian Consulate.

5) The Australian Workers Union says refinery operators will indefinitely refuse to process Indonesian crude oil.

6) The Community & Public Sector Union has called for all government departments - including SOCOG - to suspend production contracts with Indonesia.

7) The Transport Workers Union has banned the airport loading of all Indonesian freight.

8) The Australian Nurses Federation has placed members on standby to respond to the looming humanitarian crisis.

9) Other unionists are voicing their concern directly with the United Nations, the Howard Government and the Indonesian Government.

"Individual workers are asked to back a consumer boycott of Indonesian products called by the ACTU. A full list of firms and products can be found at They are also being asked to boycott Indonesian tourist destinations, including Bali." (Ramos Horta calls for workers' support)


Anonymous said...

Look how easily this list just rolled of the tongue....back in 1999.Shifting into action like a well oiled machine, with no state premiers imprisoning and attempting to intimidate demonstrators or sack councils.

This impressive and principled list demonstrates a traditional template for future B.D.S. activities, chapter and verse with the full orchestra. Where is the Maritime Union now, for example?

Anonymous said...

MUA is supporting the BDS - Kevin Bracken, state secretary, spoke at the last rally