Monday, August 15, 2011

White Resistance/ Brown Terrorism

If you're white/European, and you took up arms against a white/European invading/occupying power in Europe during World War II, then you're a heroic resistance fighter:

And on your death, you'll be hailed in the corporate media, over and over again, as a resistance fighter.

In The Australian:

Fearless matriarch of resistance, 9/8/11; in which the word resistance crops up 8 times.
Nurse, journalist, soldier, spy (editorial); resistance x 2

In The Daily Telegraph:

The mouse that roared, 9/8/11; resistance x 3

In The Sydney Morning Herald:

Wartime heroine Nancy Wake dies at 98, 9/8/11 (obituary); resistance x 3
'White Mouse' used sass to outsmart the Nazi regime, 9/8/11; resistance x 4

And another thing - wonder of wonders! - you'll even get apologists for a certain contemporary invading/occupying power writing letters to the editor praising you to the skies:

"The death of Nancy Wake is a timely reminder of a stoic and courageous generation that has just about passed from our midst. The Second World War was a fight against a foe that eschewed humanity, enslaved peoples and exterminated communities. Nancy Wake inspired not just those she led but also those that suffered from the jackboot of occupation, oppression and race hatred. A true Australian heroine. Noel Hadjimichael Maroubra, SMH, 9/8/11

But if you're brown/non-European, and you take up arms against an invading/occupying power, whether white or brown, that either has the blessing of the US or may even be the US, anytime since World War II, you're an evil terrorist and you're going down.


Anonymous said...

Dear MERC, lovely to see you apparently calling me an apologist for a certain invading/occupier power. Best wishes, Noel Hadjimichael [ps my ethnic heritage / identity would greatly surprise you - but why allow facts to get in the way]

MERC said...

Hi Noel,

Yes, hardly a major league apologist, but what would you call this -

"Israel is not only better compared to its neighbour nations (those icons of democratic pluralism and civil society) but also can be better understood if we consider its social, security and civil society attributes by reference to similar liberal democracies in a declared war or conflict environment... Fighting to save the State and its citizens' freedoms comes at a terrible cost." (, 13/5/08)

- if not apologetics?

Re "ethnic heritage/ identity," that has nothing to do with support for Israel.

BTW, have you ever read a book on the subject of Palestine/Israel?

Anonymous said...

Hi MERC, sorry for the delay (must have been reading too much) nice to be a small town apologist (oh by the way, heritage and culture can shape opinion and perspective - sometimes to open eyes , sometimes to close minds) otherwise, we just have to agree to disagree as they say - the happy cost of being in a pluralistic civil society. Cheers (it was good of you to post my response something that various bloggers fail to do to their discredit).