Monday, August 8, 2011

Not Lobbying, Presenting

"Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd wants Australia to abstain in a potentially explosive United Nations vote [next month] to recognise a Palestinian state, pitting him against Julia Gillard's declared strong support for Israel... Mr Rudd's suggested tactic is being interpreted as an attempt to avoid antagonising Arab nations and to protect Australia's campaign for a temporary seat on the Security Council, due to go to a vote next year." (Rudd says abstain on Palestine vote; Gillard backs Israel, Daniel Flitton, The Age, 8/8/11)

IOW, if further proof were needed, Australia's Middle East policy has nothing whatever to do with doing what is right and proper. While Flitton's report might suggest a real political divide between Krudd and the Prime Minister, the difference between them on this issue is negligible.

For Krudd it's simply down to What's in it for Israel and will it help or hinder my posturing on the world stage? For the Prime Minister it's What's in it for Israel and my party's coffers are open: "... Ms Gillard and her most senior ministers are being offered up to the highest bidders in big business." (Leaders strike gold, hobnobbing with the top end of town, Damon Kitney, The Australian, 30/7/10))

And here are the guys who make sure that our political leaders are worthy of the largesse of that section of the top end of town which also calls Israel home:

"Three prominent Jewish groups held talks in Canberra with Mr Rudd and Ms Gillard in early June to express opposition to the UN vote, which is expected in late September around the opening of the annual General Assembly. The meetings - led by Executive Council of Australian Jewry president Danny Lamm, the Zionist Federation of Australia's Philip Chester and the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council's Jeremy Jones - were described as a presentation rather than lobbying." (ibid)

A presentation, eh?

Like this?:

Lamm: Sit still and listen up, you two. My colleagues and I would like to show you something. Philip?
Chester: OK, Kevin, Julia, what am I holding here?
K&J: A slice of bread, Mr Chester.
Lamm: Very good, Kevin and Julia. Jeremy?
Jones: And what am I doing to it, Kevin and Julia?
K&J: Buttering it, Mr Jones.
Jones: But only on one side, right?
K&J: Yes, Mr Jones.
Lamm: Excellent, Kevin and Julia. You may leave now.

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