Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fairfax Gets With the Program

Further to the previous post and the Israeli foreign ministry's mobilisation of useful fools in the Western corporate media to further its new rebranding Israel strategy (See my 30/11/10 post Once a Sow's Ear), has anyone out there noticed the proliferation of pro-Israel features in the Fairfax press lately?

Here are a few obvious efforts I've noticed:

1) Treading the halls of power: Yuval Rotem's high-profile diplomatic postings to Los Angeles and now Australia makes a move to politics an obvious next step, writes Damien Murphy (Sydney Morning Herald, 8/1/11) See my 8/1/11 post Media Tart.

2) Lunch with Naomi Chazan: Step into the ring with Naomi Chazan and you're likely to get bloodied. The outspoken Israeli realist talks to Jason Koutsoukis (Sydney Morning Herald, 11/6/11)

3) The Essay: Samantha Selinger-Morris, Old hatreds in a new medium: The internet spreads celebrities' anti-Semitic diatribes, but it also helps call them to account (Sydney Morning Herald, 2/7/11)

4) Lunch with Amos Oz: Burning curiosity not only helped this author craft his works, it led him to kill a fierce hatred, writes Peter Hartcher (Sydney Morning Herald, 6/8/11)

5) A holy bunch of hedonists: Expecting military checkpoints and religious fanaticism, Andrew Taylor instead discovers a land where culture, nightlife and the beach often take priority over piety and politics (The Sun-Herald, 7/8/11)

Feature a Palestinian? You must be joking!

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