Saturday, February 11, 2012

Listen Up, Guys...

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing well, OK?

So please remember; always go the extra mile against Zionism and give it your best shot.

Scene: House of Commons, 24 March 1936. Members are debating the Baldwin government's proposal for the setting up of a Legislative Council in British Mandated Palestine.

Mr Crossley, Member for Stretford, Conservative:

The right hon. and gallant Gentleman, the Member for Newcastle-under-Lyme... seemed to put forward the suggestion that it was only the Arab upper classes who imagined that they had grievances... To illustrate my point that the opposition to [Jewish immigration and the sale of land to Jews] comes from all classes of Arabs, I would like to tell a story. I was riding on a pony between Beisan and Tiberias with my Arab groom, Abu Daoud. We came to the only works at that time existing in Palestine, the electricity works on the Jordan. We reached a gate on the other side of which was a main road. The Polish-Jewish sentry stood in the gate and would not let us pass through, and reluctantly, because it was a long way round, I felt I had to go back about 20 yards and turn my pony and charge. I did so, and the Jewish sentry in the gate melted to one side. Then I beckoned to Abu Daoud to follow me, and he went back a good 200 yards, crossed his legs over the blankets and saddle bags, and came full charge. His arms flapped, and his legs flapped, and as he got near the gate he began making the most terrific yell, and as he got into the gate he leaned across towards the Jewish sentry, who was shrinking towards one side, and expectorated with the greatest force I had ever seen in my life, shouting at the same time, 'Il'an abuk, al kalb'.

Hon. Members: Translate!

Mr Crossley: It means, Curse your father, the dog.*

[* From Hansard at]

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