Monday, February 6, 2012

On Ignorance

Golden words:

"There has never been a subject of such immense concern concerning which there has been such ignorance as that of Palestine, nor has there been a subject concerning which more information has been withheld." (Palestine: The Reality, JMN Jeffries, 1939, p 395)

"[P]ublic opinion never seems to allow for want of knowledge amidst statesmen and politicians in general. They are always thought to be so fully informed upon any given matter that, according as their actions disclose themselves later on, they are judged to have acted in respect of it either with entire honesty or entire dishonesty. This is far from being true: one of the first things a journalist learns from contact with major politics is that highly placed persons can be quite ignorant and can act in ignorance." (ibid, p 402)

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