Friday, February 8, 2013

Maybe Not That Wild About Wilders

With his second sermon in a series this short year, Sydney Morning Herald calumnist Paul Sheehan seems to be playing John the Baptist to Geert Wilders' Messiah:

"Two of the films nominated for best picture in the coming Academy Awards, 'Argo' and 'Zero Dark Thirty', contain warnings, with plenty of creative licence but also plenty of historical accuracy, about the challenge posed to democracy by a resurgent strain of uncompromising Islam. The threat has been deemed real enough in the Netherlands... for a million Dutch voters - one in seven - to vote for the Party for Freedom, led by Geert Wilders, who will be making a lecture tour of Australia later this month." (Fear doesn't need a visa, and it's on tour already, 7/2/13)

Holy Moly, two Hollywood films and a million Dutch rednecks couldn't possibly be wrong, now could they? Yea, verily, are these not signs, brother Sheehan?

But woe and lamentation, all is not going quite to plan! According to the Q Society, the organisers of the Dutch Messiah's first coming down under, not only is no one prepared to provide a platform for Him, but of the 830 state and federal polliewaffles invited to attend and prostrate themselves, only 4 have accepted!

So why is the mysterious and curiously named Q Society (IQ minus 'the intelligence'=Q?), which describes itself as an "Australia-wide organisation whose charter is to educate Australians as to how Islam may change the country," having such a trying time finding venues for the Dutch Messiah and packing them with devoted, applauding pollies?

As far as the Q people and Paul Sheehan are concerned, there's only one possible explanation for this deplorable state of affairs: the aforementioned "resurgent strain of uncompromising Islam" has so cowed otherwise freedom-loving Australians that they're afraid to attend the Messiah's first coming down under! As the Q Society's Debbie Robinson put it darkly to Sheehan: "This is supposed to be a democracy but something Orwellian is going on."

There is another possibility, however. To quote the immortal words of Jesus' mum from Monty Python's The Life of Geert: "Now you listen here! He's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy. Now go away!"

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