Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wilders' Greatest Fan

Paul Sheehan and the Q Society aren't the only folk who have the hots for Geert Wilders. There's another bloke, currently in the slammer, who really gets off on the guy:

"Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party... is a favourite of [Anders Behring] Breivik, notching up 30 references in [his] manifesto [A European Declaration of Independence]." (Norway attacks: How far right views created Anders Behring Breivik, Mark Townsend & Ian Traynor, The Guardian, 30/7/11)

Now to put them all in the picture, here are the lyrics to a song about Wilders' greatest fan. It's by David Rovics, the US's sharpest ever singer-songwriter, and it's from his latest MUST-BUY CD Meanwhile in Afghanistan. The song is called, simply, Breivik:

They say he acted alone for a Europe white and free
A sick and twisted man from an otherwise sane society
The image of Aryan blond, almost iridescent
With a manifesto quoting from the Crusades to the present
But he stood on many shoulders, of this we can be sure
A millenia of xenophobes who slaughter to be pure
Since before the First Crusade, when a mighty Christian band
Hacked and stabbed and burned their way to the Holy Land

They say he acted alone but in his mind he was another
Of those who came before him, his mighty Christian brothers
Who rode, covered in armour, and served their masters well
They vowed to chastity, they vowed to kill the infidel
They marauded west and east in the name of Christendom
They killed Jews, Muslims, pagans, fellow Christians by the thousand
In the name of Jesus, from the Jordan to the Rhine
The red cross on their chest plates, their terrifying sign
In the shadow of the Knights Templar

They say he acted alone, no one said this of the Pope
Whose victims were left burning or hanging from a rope
The Lord's own Inquisition for six centuries
The ethnic cleansing of a continent, a Christian tyranny

European Jews and European Muslims
Fled the Christian Caliphate to be protected by the Sultan
For five hundred years they prospered beneath the Turkish sky
For those left behind: convert or die
In the shadow of the Knights Templar

They say he acted alone but he's living in a country
Where the xenophobic right is the second-biggest party
And he's living on a continent that is over-run
With Prime Ministers who tell us multiculturalism is done
They brag of their traditions, they swell with Christian pride
For their civilization built on genocide
Anders Breivik pulled the trigger but he didn't write the play
That script was being written a thousand years ago today
In the shadow of the Knights Templar

They say he acted alone and they want us to believe
That moderating rhetoric is the best we can achieve
But moderating rhetoric will bring us nowhere near
To the understanding that the problem is right here
European empires, European greed
European Christians, poison European seeds
European racists running European states
European tolerance for European hate
In the shadow of the Knights Templar


Anonymous said...

How nice. An "anti-Zionist" and "anti-anti-semite" Jew spurting his hatred of Christianity. Praising the "centuries old tolerance" of Muslims, who massacred only a few millions of Christians, who decapitate Christians nowadays and spurt their hatred for Jesus, just because they sheltered the Jews escaping the murderous Crusaders.

MERC said...

Care to document that? No? I thought not.

Anonymous said...

Would you care?

Mannie De Saxe said...

I don't post "anonymous" contributions to my blog.

If people haven't got the courage of their convictions they need to be treated like the trolls they are!

Mannie De Saxe

MERC said...

Personally, Mannie, it's not the anonymity or the undocumented smears that really bother me, so much as the troll's lousy English: "spurting his hatred."