Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fred Nile's Big Fat Judeo-Christian Wedding

"Australian laws must be based on the Judeo-Christian ethic and not on any other religious laws." Christian Democratic Party platform, Principle 5

Fred's got his girl at last! Sound the shofars!  


But of course, Fred's is a big, fat Judeo-Christian wedding:

"If the headlines marking their wedding were to say, simply, 'Man marries woman,' it might please the Reverend Fred Nile and his bride Silvana Nero, and it might please their Lord... Nile, the 79-year-old groom and Christian Democrat MP, came with subtle blond streaks in his hair... He welled up with tears as Nero [55] approached the altar of St Thomas' Anglican Church in North Sydney, where guests included O'Farrell government ministers Mike Baird, Greg Smith and Duncan Gay and Labor's Luke Foley and Walt Secord, while the best man was upper house Liberal MP David Clarke. The bridal procession had been preceded by the blowing of the shofar, biblical instruments honed from the horns of rams or other kosher animals... Prime Minister Tony Abbott sent them a message: 'Marriage is about walking the same path together. It is a profound, rich and fulfilling journey that should draw out the better angels of our nature'." (Passions high as Nile celebrates marriage bill win, Rick Feneley, Sydney Morning Herald, 16/12/13)


Is Abbott for real?

Surely, he doesn't expect Australia's leading Judeo-Christian warrior to make do with mere angels?

Jeez, Tony, there's a bit more to your Judeo-Christian marriage than bloody angels.

For example:

"Wives must submit to their husbands, and are encouraged to have at least seven children. Condoms and the pill are forbidden. Mainstream medical care is likewise shunned... Community life is strictly regimented. Members rise at 6am... woken by a blast of the 'shofar', or ram's horn. There is a morning gathering... which includes prayers and singing, followed by work, either in the farmhouse, kitchen or fields... There is no TV, internet, magazines, newspapers or radio. Members are discouraged from contacting former friends or family and do not vote." (Secrets of the family, Tim Elliott, Good Weekend, 15/12/13)

Now if Fred's fair dinkum about this marriage, it'll be a blast from beginning to end.


Anonymous said...

"Reflect on how politicians get their INFORMATION about what goes on and about what people are thinking.
Firstly, from the MEDIA like most of us. They are reputedly keen readers of the FINANCIAL REVIEW, SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, etc" P.2

Lobbying for Beginners 1977, Australian Festival of Light
Compiled by [Rev] Fred Nile

How times have changed since 1977. No mention of the Murdoch press and no bad mouthing of the Fairfax press back then. Fred actually endorses Fairfax!

How about this little jem, again taken from the works of Fred...

"Remember that the most persuasive talker is not necessarily the best educated among you",P.5 [ibid]

Too right Fred, I guess that pearl of wisdom accounts for the guest list.

Now listen up all you BDS Max Brenner picket people, Fred actually endorses the 'picket'.

"..arrange for a group of parents to PICKET your local newsagent" P.7 [ibid]
That revolutionary concept must be just a wet dream from Fred's wild young days.
These days Fred would have anyone who dares to 'picket' thrown in irons. Lovingly of course.

Fred's concern for "high moral standards" in relation to "racial attitudes", think Palestinians, seem to be contradicted ON THE SAME PAGE, by constant harping on about Judeo-Christian 'ethics', 'standards' and 'values', P.10 [ibid]

Oh dear oh dear oh dear, Fred and his new squeeze how very Judeo-Christian.

Anonymous said...

The Ancient Egyptians used to imagine that the rising of the Nile was caused by the tears of Isis.

Not a pretty sight.

There is no fool like an old fool.