Thursday, December 12, 2013

When Bennett Met Abbott

"'It's the easiest way to get a Blue,' says Nicholas Stafford-Deitsch, who became [Tony] Abbott's sparring partner. 'Unlike in other Oxford sports, you could win one as a novice, within months.' Hardly any students had prior boxing experience, and even fewer wanted to win a Blue by getting hit. That Abbott did has played a large part in his personal mythology ever since. On his website, boxing takes up a third of the space he devotes to Oxford." (Tony Abbott at Oxford: fighter, networker, Thatcherite, Andy Beckett,, 16/8/13)

When it communicates with the rest of the world, Israel always ensures that the message matches the man.

For example:

If you're gay, it's Israel's an oasis in a desert of Muslim homophobia;
If you're a Christian Zionist, it's Have a rapturous time in the Holy Land, OK?;
If you're an Australian politician with time on your hands, it's Psst, wanna freebie in Israel, mate?;
If you're a visiting 'diasporic' Jew, it's Welcome home, brother;
If you're an 'infiltrating' Eritrean refugee, it's Go back to where you came from, cushi;
If you're any kind of Arab, it's F**k off, Arab scum;
And if you're a Palestinian, it's Die, Arab scum.

Got the idea?

Now it's pretty damn obvious from the following news report that, before visiting Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett put the hard word on Tony Abbott to stick it to Iran, the Mossad spooks whose job it was to prepare a file on the new Australian PM had told him that, in Abbott's case, appearances most definitely aren't deceiving, and he really is just a dim-witted bogan bruiser, there to keep the seat warm for Josh Frydenberg:

"Israel has urged Australia to use its new found influence to force a much tougher deal on Iran over its nuclear program. Israel's Minister for the Economy, Naftali Bennett, told Prime Minister Tony Abbott that Israel 'badly wants a deal' to halt Iran's nuclear progress, Mr Bennett said... 'Our frustration is that we feel Iran is on the verge of having to give up its nuclear production because of the economic sanctions, but it's like a boxing match - the referee is counting the guy down six, seven, eight, nine, then just when he's about to give up the program, we are giving him a cup of water,' Mr Bennett said in an interview." (Israel seeks strong ally on Iran, Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald, 11/12/13)

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Anonymous said...

Abbott might be punch drunk when it comes to human rights and tone deaf to international law but he is tuned right in to the next Zionist objectives.