Monday, December 16, 2013

Time to Get Serious, Tony!

Now that he has a mandate, it's time for Tony Abbott to get serious about about his Judeo-Christianity!

I mean, what's this in a sense nonsense:

"Western civilisation is inconceivable without our Judeo-Christian inheritance. Everyone who participates in western civilisation is in a sense a Jew." (Tony Abbott's address to the United Israel Appeal,, 9/3/11)

And just how lacking in conviction is this:

"'I think that we've got to treat our kids well, but I don't think we ought to say that there's no place ever for a smack,' [Mr Abbott] said." (Tony Abbott cops gentle smack over discipline comments, Lucy Carroll, Sydney Morning Herald, 13/12/13)

C'mon, Tone, you're just talking the talk. Isn't it time you started walking the walk:

"Following a hybrid of Judaism and Christianity, the [Twelve Tribes'] aim is to re-create the 12 tribes of Israel, thereby ushering in the return of Yahshua, who will arrive like a 'King coming for his bride when she is fully prepared for Him.' Members use the Old Testament as a blueprint for their lives. The insistence on communal living, hard work and, most controversially, harsh child discipline, are all modelled on life in 'the first church of Jerusalem'..." (Secrets of the family, Tim Elliott, Good Weekend, 14/12/13)

And as for smacking, gentle just doesn't cut it, know what I mean:

"According to Mark, unquestioning obedience is mandatory: children must reply 'Yes, Abba' (Hebrew for father) or 'Yes, Ima' to any parental command. Any breach earns a spanking with the 'rod', a 50-centimetre-long plastic stick, one of which is kept above the door ledge in every room. Parents are instructed on how to use the 'rod' in monthly child-training sessions and also in a 267-page Child Training Manual... Written by Spriggs, the manual insists that 'you must make it hurt enough to produce the desired result' and that 'stripes from loving discipline show love by the parent'. 'It's called 'the rod and reproof,' Mark says. 'The kids are not meant to cry. They're meant to 'receive' their discipline quietly. Then you tell them why you hit them and they say, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry.' It becomes a ritual'." (ibid)

Enough beating around the bush, Tone, it's time to put the suffer into 'suffer the children', OK?

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Tom Switzer writing speeches for Tony Abbott when he came out with all that gush about Judeo-Christianity?

Or has Abbott joined the 'Rapture'
ratbag crowd?