Monday, December 23, 2013

Still Waiting for Kristallnacht

At long last Sydney Morning Herald ranter Gerard Henderson has found his way home... to Murdoch's Australian.*

That leaves the appalling Paul Sheehan, now alone and palely loitering on the Herald's opinion pages. Is he too about to receive the tap? After all, as he's just candidly admitted, he's about as popular with Herald readers as a fart in a crowded lift:

"If you don't like what I write there is no more fertile place to read criticisms than The Sydney Morning Herald. Each year the paper publishes, by my estimate, about 6,000 criticisms of me on its letters page or online comments section. A further 1,000 criticisms, at least, are submitted but not published. I know people who skip my column and go straight to the comments because they like red meat in the mornings." (Time for real steel, not tinkering, 23/12/13)

Frankly, it's time he was put out to pasture... most appropriately on the same blasted heath where Sheridan and now Henderson graze.

And just to remind you how bad Sheehan really is (and while we're at it, just how corrupting is the practice of rambamming), take a look at this snippet from The Australian Jewish News of March 30, 2007:

"The resurgence of Nazism will likely lead to another Kristallnacht, Sydney Morning Herald columnist Paul Sheehan told a Jewish audience last week. Sheehan, who travelled to Israel on a journalists' mission organised by the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies late last year, told last Tuesday's Board of Deputies plenum that there is 'no question we will see another Kristallnacht because the Nazis are rising around the world'." (Second Kristallnacht ahead, warns Fairfax columnist)

[*Just in case you're naive enough to think that, in dropping Henderson, the Herald is making way for some fresh new talent, think again. It's apparently replacing him with former Howard government minister Peter (Grim Reaper) Reith.]


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