Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ding-dong, Avnon Calling

Dan Avnon, "a Hebrew University political scientist whose initial bid for a fellowship application was rejected as part of a boycott against Israel has arrived in Australia expressing outrage at the action taken by Sydney academic Jake Lynch." (Boycotted Israeli embraced by other fellows, Ean Higgins, The Australian, 5/3/14)

But what's this? Contrary to what I'd expected, it seems the Avnon Lad's not over here to promote a range of Israeli propaganda lipsticks and cosmetics for Australian consumption. Or to swan around Sydney University going 'Nyah nyah nya nya nya, Jake Lynch'.

No, in Ean (with an 'e') Higgins' "exclusive interview," he describes himself as someone "devoted to overcoming certain undemocratic practices in Israel."

"Undemocratic practices"?

What? Israel? The Middle East's ONLY DEMOCRACY? The very model of a modern "liberal, pluralist democracy" as our dear leader is wont to refer to it.

Nooo... surely it cannot be!

But, hey, what would I know? Thanks to the Avnon Lad calling around my eyes are now open!

Hm... "undemocratic practices"?

Might these be such things as:

1) Occupying and colonizing someone else's land?
2) Booting out the indigenous population and denying it the right of return?
3) Relegating the remnant indigenes to second class status?

You'd imagine so. But wait, isn't that what BDS is all about?

This is all sooo confusing!


Anonymous said...

BDS is all about booting any rights Jews have to their own national self determination, ---the only group in the world that would thus be deprived of what the Palestinians and you bleet on about continually.

Exclusivity is what you constantly harp on about regarding your opponents, but BDS is all that ...just from your allies perspective.

Cut the simplistic hypocrisy.

MERC said...

So Jews are a nation, not a religion?

Anonymous said...

Could the Avnon lady be prosecuted for pushing snake oil door to door ON FALSE ADVERTISING?