Thursday, March 20, 2014

Remember Iraq, March 20, 2003

Hands up all those who still think Iraq was mugged for its oil rather than to satisfy an Israeli wet-dream:

"Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel's targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. An Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart and cause its downfall at home even before it is able to organize a struggle on a wide front against us. Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon. In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So three or more states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi'ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north." (From A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties, Oded Yinon, Kivunim, February, 1982)


Anonymous said...

Aren't you a bit tardy in noticing the Oded plan, MERC?

MERC said...

What? The "Oded plan"? Never heard of it. But then I've never heard of the Arthur declaration either. Maybe you can help me out there.

Anonymous said...

This document, which is easily found on the net, is obviously a very sore point with the usual suspects.

It was not expected to be seen by the non Hebrew reading world. However Professor Israel Shahak warned the world with his translation.

How it has come true and explains developments since its adoption by the bandit state is very clear to those with eyes to see.

More to come.

Anonymous said...

ByIsrael Shahak:
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East. The Infamous "Oded Yinon Plan". Introduction by Michel Chossudovsky.

Global Research, December 24, 2013

I indulged in a little liberty. It is more known as the Yinon plan. Mea culpa.