Wednesday, March 19, 2014

OMG, Did She Really Say That?

Just had to share this with you...

Among the comments following Phan Nguyen's amazing detective work in his post, 'Apolitical' arts organization combatting BDS is front for pro-settler groups tied to Israeli Foreign Ministry (, 24/10/13), was a video convo between Roz Rothstein, CEO of Stand With Us, the US-based organisation which aims to transform otherwise mild-mannered Jewish college students into crusading Supermen for Israel, and Israeli 'communications trainer' Neil Lazarus.

WTF... I muttered to myself, clicking it on. The following jaw-dropping exchange said it all:

RR: For this segment I'd like to talk a little bit about the hottest issues that students are facing when they have to, I hate to say, defend Israel, when they have to have a rich conversation about it.

NL: There's a lot out there. Let's talk about a couple. We always have the issue of criticism of human rights issues. You know they have this fetish about talking about the security barrier which Israel's built, or, um, checkpoints which are there. I live in Jerusalem... I drive past the checkpoints every day. On the one hand I'd like to live in a country which doesn't have a fence, doesn't have a wall, doesn't have a checkpoint. I also know that they stop terrorism... you also have the allegation of apartheid...

RR: Before you leave the issue of checkpoints, I wanna say (places hand on heart) that I live in a country of checkpoints and its inconvenient for me to stand at checkpoints at the airport, but you know, it's funny how Israel is always blamed for the checkpoints as though it's something that's extraordinary that Israel has a checkpoint at the border. That's what's funny to me. 

NL: I think here we have the double standard...

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