Monday, March 24, 2014

Now He Speaks Up?

"NSW Labor powerbroker Sam Dastyari is set to lash his own party's asylum-seeker policies and predict Australians will one day be as embarrassed by offshore processing as they are about the White Australia policy... The speech, to mark the Iranian new year festival of Nowruz, will be the first time the Iranian-born senator has spoken publicly about the death of Iranian asylum seeker Reza Berati on Manus Island last month. The senator will say he was shocked by the 'brutal murder' and that he will not allow the Australian government to criminalise and further 'persecute young families fleeing their homes'. 'It could have been me and my sister,' he will say." (Dastyari will break ranks with Labor on offshore policy, James Massola, Sydney Morning Herald, 23/3/14)

So it's taken this long, and the murder of an Iranian asylum seeker, for Dastyari to speak up on the cruel Howard/Rudd/Gillard/Abbott policy of transporting asylum seekers to remote Pacific islands and abandoning them there to mayhem, madness, and now murder?

Dastyari, who you may remember took over as State Secretary of NSW Labor from Zionist enforcer* and US embassy habitue** Mark Arbib in 2007 and entered federal politics as a senator for NSW at the 2013 election, has presumably had no problems whatever with Labor's long flirtation with the Israeli apartheid state, the entity responsible for orchestrating the international sanctions regime which is destroying the Iranian economy and forcing young men like Berati abroad.

In fact, Dastyari is on record telling NSW Labor MLC Shaoquett Moselmane, who bluntly and bravely told the Israeli ambassador last year to "butt out of Australian politics," that his remarks were "completely inappropriate." (See my 27/5/13 post Shaoquett Moselmane Speaks Truth to Power.)

[*See my 30/7/10 post Get Thee to Israel!; **See my 10/12/10 post Wikileaks 6: Working for the Man.]

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