Sunday, April 6, 2014

Archaeology with Attitude

If Japan has 'scientific whaling', Israel has... archaeology:

"Israel has approved a controversial archaeology project in annexed east Jerusalem, the interior ministry said Friday... The ministry 'heard objections' from the Palestinians and from residents to build a visitor centre just outside Jerusalem's Old City walls in the Arab neighbourhood of Silwan, a statement said. However it approved the project on the grounds that it 'will show important archaeological discoveries to the public.'... It would be managed by Elad, a hardline settler organisation which seeks to increase Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem and which runs the nearby City of David archaeological site." (Israel OKs controversial E. Jerusalem archaeology project,, 4/4/14)

Hm... important archaeological discoveries...

Will this centre, I wonder, contain Benjamin Netanyahu's 2,700-year old seal which, so he says, has 'his' name on it and to which he referred in his 2011 speech to the UNGA? (See my 23/3/14 post Pathetic Delusions, Dangerous Consequences.)

Or maybe the 3,700-year old ring which has the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies' Vic Alhadeff's name on it?

Or maybe the 4,700-year old bone with the letters PW carved on it, which can only stand for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry's Peter Wertheim?

Or maybe the 5,700-year old rock with the words 'Colin Rubenstein was here' scratched into it, indicating the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council's leader's lineal descent to a prehistoric ancestor of the same name?

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Anonymous said...

Netanyahu's seal, Allahadeff's ring and Wertheim's bone all have one thing in common.

They all pretend to be actually associated with the old fossils and relics above.

Give me a break.