Saturday, April 26, 2014

Selective US Concern for Disenfranchised Peoples

Apparently, Bashar al-Asad's decision to stage a presidential election in Syria on June 3 hasn't gone down too well in the United States, the self-proclaimed champion of disenfranchised Syrians.

Wails State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki:

"Staging elections under current conditions, including the effective disenfranchisement of millions of Syrians, neither addresses the aspirations of the Syrian people nor moves the country any closer to a negotiated political solution." (New chemical attack in Syria, AFP/The Australian, 23/4/14)

Funny then that there was no US objection to David Ben-Gurion's decision to stage the first ever Israeli election on January 25, 1949 that I'm aware of, despite the fact that over 750,000 Palestinians had been effectively disenfranchised after being driven out of the country in 1948 by Zionist terror gangs and refused re-entry.

And again, as far as I'm aware, no US official has ever since raised the issue of disenfranchised Palestinian refugees as an objection to an Israeli election.

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Anonymous said...

Not only was there no US objection to David Ben-Gurion,s lop sided and staged "election"
but the US has proclaimed the grotesque results as a triumph of "democracy" at every opportunity since.

Different strokes for different folks or in this case different ticks for different ******.