Sunday, December 21, 2014

Conflating the Unconflatable 4

OMG, what fools we Australians are! Why can't we see what those who really know Islam see?

Why, O why, can't we see all Muslims, Arabs, a certain Iranian-Australian psycho, whatever, for the undifferentiated existential threat that they so clearly are?

If only, like Gerard Henderson, we could see them through Israeli eyes:

"I followed the Sydney siege from Jerusalem, the capitol of a nation that does not distinguish much between lone wolf and other acts of terrorism. To most Israelis, Hamas rockets fired indiscriminately from Gaza at Israel's cities and the murder of worshippers and/or light rail travellers are manifestations of the same thing." (If it looks, smells & feels like terrorism... The Australian, 20/12/13)

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patrick connor said...

Poor Gerrard has sold his minimal & threadbare talent to enemies of Australia .
That is my considered view , and I invite all to have a think about whether I am right . I say that I am spot on .
Has he ever , ever, uttered a public political statement that diminished his purchasers' program ?
Gerrard , you are a freeking mechanical mole !