Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh My Allah!

One thing to emerge from the reporting of Sydney's Lindt Cafe murders is the remarkable degree of agreement on the part of both branches of the Australian mainstream press that there is no such thing as The Deity.

There are only deities.

Here's Fairfax:

"Even as hostages held their captor's flag to the window - 'There is no god but Allah,' it said - a sense of unreality enveloped a city whose citizens persisted with shopping according to a tradition linked to the Christian God." ('Is it for real?' Shoppers faced frightening truth, Rick Feneley, Sydney Morning Herald, 16/12/14)

Got that? There's "Allah"... and there's "the Christian God."

Chalk and cheese.

Ditto for Murdoch:

"The solid black background represents one of the banners used by the Prophet Muhammed during battles and the text is the Shahada - the testament of the Islamic faith: 'There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the messenger of God'." (Generic flag raises questions, Mark Schliebs, The Australian, 16/12/14)

Allah's strictly for Muslims, OK?

By the same logic, the French don't worship God. They worship Dieu.

The Spanish worship Dios.

The Italians, Dio.

The Germans, Gott.

The Russians...

Got the idea?


Anonymous said...

The Russians...? (I tell you - Bog). BTW what about the desecration of Russian and Serbian graves at Rookwood?

Despite your cheekiness masquerading as cleverness we did not get the idea. Which is what? Diluting the specific Islamic aspect of the Lindt horror.

MERC said...

"We did not get the idea."

What can I say? Some of us do, some of us don't.

patrick connor said...

Well I think I get it .
And I think that those comments from the 2 main MSM "Australian" newspapers in question are as subtle as a turd in a salad .
My observation is that both of those 2 Australian newspapers are gatekeepers for the foreign policies of our "friends & allies" - the US & Israel , & their perpetual war project .
Those comments come from our newspapers at a time when the US & Israel find themselves under increasing pressure ...

patrick connor said...

for their program of butchering civilians (and other more specific crimes).
I see no chance coincidence in the similarity of views expressed by these 2 news papers .
The particular concert of views upon the deity(s) of these 2 Australian newspapers is a typically shallow but predictable further attempt by them to plug the US/Israel foreign policy , contrary to the interests of my beautiful Australia .
I hope those traitorous bastards don't have yet another war in mind (Iran) .