Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sheridan Sheds Tears for Middle East Christians 2

Just to finish off:

"The Syrian civil war has been a catastrophe for Syria's Christians. Many have been killed. Many have fled."

And who, O Suppository of All Wisdom, do you suppose is killing Syria's Christians (and other non-Christian minorities)?

Sectarian gangs, armed and trained by that pinnacle of 'Western civilisation', the US (and its camp followers).

"It must drolly and with some bitter irony be recalled, too, that Christians fared a little better in Iraq under Saddam Hussein than during the past 10 years."

Now there's an admission for you! But how grudging is: "fared a little better"?

Do I have to wheel in an Iraqi Christian here? So be it:

"Rana stepped out of church in Baghdad December 2006 to find an envelope wedged against her car windshield. Inside was a bullet - a message that she and her family were next on an assassin's list. They fled the city the next day, leaving behind a business, a home - everything. 'I don't like Saddam Hussein, but he didn't bother the Christians,' said Rana, 29, after a church service in London. 'He was a dictator. When he went, the gangs came from everywhere'," ('People turned on Christians': persecuted Iraqi minorities reflect on life after Saddam, Andrew Testa,, 19/3/13)

And who unleashed those sectarian gangs?

Correct, 'Western civilisation'.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing at all new in this. There is a long history of hatred towards Christians by Talmudic Jews and secular Zionists.

The noted writer and former British Mandate of officer Sami Hadawi M.B.E. lists a number of acts of deliberate state terrorism against Christians in his book 'Bitter Harvest, Palestine 1914-79', far too many to document here, but a few stand out.

"1. October 1948 the Christian villages of Ikret were removed from their village... [they petitioned the courts]...The army responded by destroying every house in the village, choosing Christmas Day 1951 for their action. Not even the church was spared:and, to add insult to injury, the church bell was removed to a nearby Jewish settlement [ghetto/colony] and used, not to call people to prayer, but to announce the time for meals.

"2. On 16 September 1953 the Christian inhabitants of Kfr Bir'im were expelled from their villagesubsequently destroyed....

"The Maronite Patriach and BishMubarak had interceded...Promises were lavishly made...The vilage was razed to the ground.

"3. On Good Friday 1954, the Christian cemetary in Haifa was desecrated, 73 crosses were smashed and trampled underfoot. The Christian community demonstrated in protest and expressed their condemnation. Since 1948, [until publication 1979] over 350 Christian churches and Moslem mosques have been destroyed."

Bitter Harvest pp 149-150

Professor Israel Shahak in his excellent book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of Three Thousand Years" 1994, has a whole chapter on "The Laws against Non-Jews.", especialy the dreaded Christians. Shahak is, it goes without saying, no Talmudic ratbag.

"In the most important section of the weekday prayer -- the 'eighteen blessings' there is a special curse, originally directed against Christians [like Greg {Jerusalem Prize} Sheridan], Jewish converts to Christianity and other Jewish heritics: 'And may the apostates have no hope, and all the Christians perish instantly'. " p92

Greg [Jerusalem Prize] Sheridan should be able to obtain a copy of this whistle blowing book, with foreward to the first printing by Gore Vidal and foreward to the second printing by Edward Said, at any good bookshop in time for Christmas.

"Shahak is a fine scholar and Israelsforemost defender of human rights...[this is] a ruthlessly penetrating examination of Jewish religion and history"

Ian Gilmore, London Review of Books.

C'mon Greg [Jerusalem Prize] Sheridan, let's have your review, this is a topical issue now that Prime Minister Abbott has chosen to redirect money from {logical] Higher Education to [theological] education. Just imagine the Australian taxpayer forking out money for crackpots to study the Talmud?