Thursday, December 11, 2014

Israel's Final Solution of the Palestinian Problem

Seeing the last 3 posts are all on the fate of the Palestinian refugees of 1948, it'd be remiss of me if I didn't draw your attention to the following words. They deserve to be better known:

"Ben-Gurion opposed any Israeli involvement in efforts to resolve [the problem of the Palestinian refugees]. He was convinced, along with [foreign minister] Moshe Sharett and other Israeli leaders, that the problem would disappear with time. The following evaluation prepared by the Near East Department of the Foreign Ministry is instructive: 'The [Palestinian] refugees will find their place in the diaspora. Those who can resist will live thanks to natural selection, the others will simply crumble. Some of them will persist, but the majority will become a human heap, the scum of the earth and will sink into the lowest levels of the Arab world'." (New Light on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Amnon Kapeliouk, Journal of Palestine Studies, Spring, 1987, pp 20-1)

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Anonymous said...

What an astounding strategic blunder, what arrogant self deception, what delusional pathology, for the Zionist usurpers to imagine that they could establish a Bandit State in the heart of the Arab world, the ARAB NATION, and millions of Arabs would get over it!

Get real.

To triumph over any period of time the Zionist needed to conquer the whole Arab world, not just Palestine and then in the process corrupt the rulers of the whole "Western World" to finance and support them, for ever!!!

How stupid.

Haven't these lunatics read the history of the "Crusader States" and their short but murderous history in exactly the same geographic location as the Bandit State?

Who remembers The Four Crusader States?

Take "The Kingdom of Jerusalem" for example. Godfrey de Bouillon, the "King" and his brother Baldwin of Boulogne, the "Count" of Edessa, had similar delusional fantasies.

Hubris is always fatal.

What a stupid strategy, I can't believe it.

More stupid than that, the delusional Zionists imagine that the gullible Goy will continue to fight serial wars to uphold this gross injustice, continue to mouth their pathetic justifications and feeble excuses, at the expense of their own interests.

Get real.