Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dog-Whistling with a Vengeance

"The Prime Minister called on Islamic leaders to rise to the challenge of condemning terrorism more frequently and openly. 'I've often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a 'religion of peace'. I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it,' he said." (Citizenship may be stripped away under tougher security laws, Mark Kenny & David Wroe, Sydney Morning Herald, 24/2/15)


Anonymous said...

Google "Muslim leaders hit back at Abbott" in todays Australian. I think Keysar Trad makes a good point.

I would like to see Australian political leaders stand up and say that they encourage ALL states and non state groups, in the Middle East in particular, to observe the Geneva Conventions, in full, AND MEAN IT.

That shouldn't be to hard. Australia is a High Contracting Party.

Can any reader point to any of the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention that are now or have ever been observed by the Bandit State?

Please forward the details to MERC. I am sure that MERC will publish the claims, even for the sake of amusement.

Anonymous said...

@The Prime Minister called on Islamic leaders to rise to the challenge of condemning terrorism more frequently and openly.

How could he miss the 21 Egyptian Christians decapitated by the "peace loving" Muslims of Lybia? Now, truly, do you think that would be "Islamophobic" to ask the Muslim leaders to condemn such act?

MERC said...

Why Australian Muslim leaders? Wasn't it former PM Kevin Rudd who cheered on the NATO bombing campaign that terminated the Gaddafi regime and unleashed the takfiri psychos?

Anonymous said...

Because the crimes are committed in the name of Islam everywhere and they promise to apply the same treatment to us too.

MERC said...

I see. Can you please cite a crime committed "in the name of Islam everywhere"? Direct quotes and sources please.

Anonymous said...

MERC don't play dumb. Or perhaps you don't consider beheadings of Christians, burning of Churches, burning alive of apostates of Islam (the Jordanian pilot, the 20 Kurds)crimes. Then you have a problem.

Anonymous said...

MERC, the Anoymous Troll is obviously spooked by the Geneva Conventions challenge.

So he has gone off on the usual tangential frolic.

Imagine if his comment at 6.45 PM refering to "..crimes are committed in the name of Islam everywhere...." if the word "Islam" was substituted by the word "Judaism".

Outrage, anti-semolina, call the thought police.

Back to the point, it's the Geneva Conventions, discuss.

MERC said...

Anon Troll, so you can't back up your earlier assertion?

Anonymous said...

Don't you read the newspapers?

MERC said...

But of course, Ziotroll.

As it happens here's an item in today's (26/2) Australian: "One set of events that unnerved the Sabbahs [a French-Jewish family] was the murder of French soldiers and Jews, by Mohammed Merah, a petty criminal of Algerian descent who was apparently opposed to the French military engagement in Afghanistan. Merah said he attacked a Jewish school because 'the Jews kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine'." (Jewish exodus builds as Europe beset by terror, Ean Higgins)

Afghanistan: Yes
Palestine: Yes
"In the name of Islam everywhere": Not really

Oh, and here's another interesting item in today's (26/2) Sydney Morning Herald:

"A resident of Hasaka [in Syria]... said hundreds of families had arrived in recent days from surrounding Christian villages, and Bedouins were also arriving." (Embattled IS in mass abduction, Suleiman al-Khalidi)

Please explain how it comes about that Muslim Bedouin are fleeing from those you believe are committing crimes, as you put it, "in the name of Islam everywhere."

Do you read the papers?

Anonymous said...

you don't just play dumb, you are plain dumb.

MERC said...


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