Friday, February 20, 2015

Escaping Zionist Groupthink

Free at last!

"The treasurer of the United Kingdom Jewish Board of Deputies, the representative body of British Jews, has stepped down saying he 'could not contemplate another 3 years of not being able to speak freely,' the Jewish Chronicle reported.

"Laurence Brass, an asylum judge, had been tipped to run for board president in the May election after being twice elected as treasurer. But he told a plenary meeting of the executive on Sunday that 'I decided that to be true to my principles and beliefs was more important than seeking office.'

"Brass said he had been 'bursting to criticise the Israeli administration' for 6 years and took the board to task for preventing honorary officers from expressing personal opinions. 'I felt constrained not to have been able to speak out on subjects that are close to my heart, such as the treatment of the Palestinians in the occupied territories and the discrimination still being suffered by Arab citizens of Israel,' Brass said. 'There have been countless occasions over the last 6 years when I've been bursting to criticise the Israeli administration, but I've restrained myself. I want to be released from the chains of office to contribute to the wider debate on the Middle East, as well as on the critical political issues that I consider to be important here at home.'

"Saying that he had encountered 'very harsh and often quite abusive personal criticism' when speaking out, Brass called for his replacement to be free to speak out.

"Brass received a standing ovation after his speech, the Chronicle reported, but board president Vivian Wineman cautioned other executive members to maintain their silence. 'People aren't interested in our private opinions; they're interested in what the Board thinks and what the Jewish community thinks,' Wineman said. 'When we express ourselves, we always have to keep that in mind'." (UK Jewish leader steps down due to ban on criticising Israel, Haaretz, 17/2/15)

A number of rather obvious things may be deduced from the above:

1) Zionism mandates groupthink and conformity to the party line. It abhors dissent.

2) If Zionists abuse dissenters within their ranks, just imagine the kind of abuse they hurl at anti-Zionists. Why, they might even accuse them of anti-Semitism!

3) Bodies with titles such as 'Jewish Board of Deputies' are more about maintaining Zionist hegemony within Jewish communities than catering to their real interests.

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