Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tanya Plibersek: Remorseful & Redeemed

Deputy opposition leader and foreign affairs shadow, Tanya (Once Was Warrior) Plibersek, speaking on the subject of the impending executions in Indonesia of two convicted Australian drug smugglers, has gone personal:

"During a motion in Parliament calling for a stay of execution, Ms Plibersek used the example of the jailing of her husband, Michael Coutts-Trotter, on a drugs charge to argue for mercy. 'I perhaps have a particular view of remorse and redemption,' she told the lower house. Ms Plibersek's husband is now a senior NSW public servant. He had been a drug dealer in early 1980s, a fact Ms Plibersek acknowledges but rarely speaks about." (Bali two bound for execution island as MPs plead for mercy, Topsfield, Ireland & Bourke, Sydney Morning Herald, 13/2/15)

Whilst I happen to agree with her in this matter, I should point out that her experience of remorse and redemption is not limited to the example of her husband.

As a humble backbencher, Plibersek had once fiercely criticised Israel, declaring it to be, in 2002, a rogue state led by a war criminal (Ariel Sharon). On becoming Bill Shorten's sidekick, however, she publicly expressed remorse for her former honesty by claiming that she had spoken injudiciously at the time.

But more than that, she has gone on to redeem herself by declaring Sharon to be a courageous peace maker and going on a pilgrimage to Israel (January, 2014).

This means that, when it comes to Ms Plibersek, those in the know cannot but "have a particular view of remorse and redemption."


Kosta said...

Isn't it wonderful, how her husband,
Michael Coutts-Trotter can get busted for importing smack,
and do only part of a 9 yr sentence and then go on to ensure that nobody forget the [capital "h" Jewish Holocaust] when he later heads the NSW Education department.

Anonymous said...

Given the fact that 'Jewish' representation in our judicial system is unbalanced, this comes as no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why so many politicians, of all shades, from Australia take so many "study tours" to the Bandit State.

Of course, silly me, it is so they can learn from the enlightened policy factory itself.

Look listen and learn.

Then we can introduce the self same "enlightened" policy right here, say indiginous policy for example? What about an atomic bomb? Boat people? Ever heard of the Turkish flotilla on the high seas? Why muck around with pesky DETENTION centres? waste of money - just shoot them in international waters.

How about we make serial wars on ALL our neighbours and then blame the neighbours? When do we scrap the Geneva Conventions?

The list goes on and on and on.

Over to you Tanya.

P.S. don't forget, any critics of the new enlightened policy just hate us for who we are - not what we have done. It's Anti- Gentileism, and remind the critics just how many Australians have died to bring the enlightened policy to the world. Don't lecture us, what about Tibet?