Monday, February 23, 2015

Menage a Trois

Mike's got the hots for Israel:

"Premier Mike Baird addressed the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies' luncheon club earlier this month... Baird, who has been in the top job since April last year, has pledged to lead a trade delegation to Israel if elected on March 28 - should he do so he will become the first NSW Premier to visit the Jewish State this century." (Premier Baird at the Board, The Australian Jewish News, 20/2/15)

Miranda's also got the hots for Israel:

"Miranda Devine... Australian columnist and writer, has a conservative stance on a range of social and political issues and was recently on a visit to Israel." (Quoted in an AJN ad listing speakers for the coming United Israel Appeal NSW Campaign 2015 (24/2-11/3)

And for Mike:

"NSW Premier Mike Baird is the political candidate from central casting. Tall, handsome, and popular, he also is a deft financial manager with a clear plan for the state... If Baird falls, so too does any hope for micro-economic reform and responsible fiscal management in Australia... While Baird is ahead in the polls, the 'Abbott factor' is proving toxic, according to candidates doorknocking in their electorates... But other candidates doorknocking in the Liberal heartland of the Hills district say all they hear is praise for Baird. 'People just love him. They say that Mike Baird is a nice bloke,' the people say... Middle-aged women swoon when he walks through a suburban shopping centre to buy a salad sandwich. 'He wears a suit so well,' they gush. A colleague describes him as 'the guy everyone hopes their sister would bring home.' A veteran news photographer says Baird has the 'it factor' - he's cool, like Bill Clinton without the sleaze'." (Why Mike makes us go weak at the knees, Miranda Devine, Sunday Telegraph, 23/2/15)

NB: Apparently, real men do eat salad sandwiches.  


Grappler said...

Nothing to do with your post, MERC, but this deserves wider coverage, and I doubt if you'll see it on any Australian MSM.

Baird and Devine really ought to visit Gaza .

Anonymous said...

Could Miranda Devine explain just what is so "conservative" about supporting the Bandit State of Israel?

Perhaps if the Eskimoes were to wage a terrorist war to establish an Eskimo state in some corner of Britain, in the face of local opposition, driving out the local population, then making serial wars and further occupations, in defiance of international law, now how "conservative" would THAT be?

Thats "neo-conservative"