Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gullible's Travels

Is there no end to the goings and comings of the rambammed? Or to their wide-eyed credulity?

Australia's answer to Britain's Colonel Kemp,* retired major-general Jim Molan, mastermind of Operation Fury (Fallujah 2004), defender of Operation Cast Lead (Gaza 2009), architect of Operation Sovereign Borders (Australia), and all-round advocate of smiting them hip and thigh with a great slaughter, has just returned from Israel with a thumbs-up for Israel's Operation Protective Edge (Gaza 2014) in the Australian.

For sheer simple-mindedness, the opening paragraphs of his Israel trod carefully in Gaza war (10/6/15) are hard to beat.

"We sat in the Israeli kibbutz 800m from the closest Gaza Strip building. Four Israeli women told stories of life during operation Protective Edge, the 50-day conflict last year between Israel and Hamas, of the rain of rockets and mortars, 15 seconds warning, days in shelters and of a four-year-old child killed by shrapnel.

"The rockets impacted on every aspect of life but the effect of finding one of the many sophisticated tunnels dug over several years at the very door of the kibbutz for Hamas fighters to kill civilians more precisely and personally [???!!!] was an even greater shock. 'It is not the people of Gaza,' the woman said still visibly disturbed. 'It is Hamas. We are of the Left of Israeli politics and want peace so much. The sound of our planes flying overhead to bomb Gaza challenged every belief I have. But we will not live with terror. Before Hamas we had Palestinian friends in Gaza and we care for those people, it is not their fault. Perhaps we will be friends again one day.'

"Having spent a week in Israel courtesy of a pro-Israel organisation, I found myself saying rather gratuitously: 'As a foreigner with only a week in Israel, I say that your military truly reflects your care for the people of Gaza.' I meant well, knowing that perhaps 2,200 Gazans died of all causes [???!!!] in the latest clash, but she turned on me, saying: 'Of course they do. They reflect our values. They are our sons'."

We are of the Left of Israeli politics and want peace so much...

The sound of our planes flying overhead to bomb Gaza challenged every belief I have...

Perhaps we will be friends again...

Your care for the people of Gaza...

They are our sons...

Can you believe this nonsense?

I bet it was high fives all round for the ladies once Molan had gone. 

[*See my 17/4/15 post The Trouble With Colonel Kemp.]


Anonymous said...

What a short corporate memory General Jim Moylan [Ret] has. Perhaps he could read, for example, the Routine Orders No 191, by Lt-Col. P.J. McCormack, DSO, OBE, VD, Commanding HQ, General Base Depot, Australian Imperial Forces, Beit Jira and Deir Suneid,Palestine, 26 Nov, 1940;

Photographs - censorship of',

Any unmounted photograph may be sent by post from PALESTINE to Allied countries- but not neutral or enemy countries - provided that it does not depict either views of HAIFA or TEL AVIV, Naval vessels, RAF planes or aerodromes, guns, fortifications, TERRORIST ACTIVITIES, Camps or Military operations.

Did Moylan ever wonder just who were the terrorists in 1940, what were their aims and did they become the terrorist bandit state that that he needs to make excuses for today?

I wonder what has become of the "Orange Groves" near Beit Jira and Deir Suneid that Order No 191 referred to in the paragraph "Looting of Orchards"? Jim Moylan was probably enjoying the company of the new [Zionist] occupiers, who didn't just loot the fruit they took the entire orchard, while condemning as terrorists those either murdered or driven into exile, the actual and rightful owners.

Let's be friends, just as long as I get to keep the stolen property. Simple.

Conduct Prejudicial to the Good Order of Military Discipline springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Fuckwit!!! : A person who is not only lacking in clue but is apparently unable or unwilling to acquire clue even when handed it on a plate in generous portions.