Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Price Gazans Pay for Refusing to Kiss Israel's Arse

"The relatively well-paid jobs on the Israeli side of the security fence have long gone, part of the price Gazans pay for being governed by Hamas, the militant group Israel blames for starting the war and for ongoing rocket attacks on the country's south." (Aussie's fears for 'desperate' Gaza, Jamie Walker, The Australian, 22/6/15)

Talk about a loaded sentence!

First there's the uncritical use of the Israeli euphemism, 'security fence', to describe a structure designed to keep ghetto dwellers, ethnically cleansed from their homes and lands in 1948, from ever returning to same.

Then there's this: "the price Gazans pay for being governed by Hamas."

There's a take-home message in those 11 words. It is this:

All the people of Gaza have to do is get off their bums; cast out the evil death-cult known as Hamas; officially apologise to their neighbours for ever having had the temerity to think that Eretz Israel is in fact occupied Palestine; acknowledge that it really belongs exclusively to 'the Jewish people' (which could mean anyone from Woody Allen to Harry Triguboff to the latest lost tribe only just discovered in the wilds of wherever); and declare that they'd love nothing more than to commute to Eretz Israel daily for "relatively well-paid jobs" as hewers of wood and drawers of water, pretty please.

Now if factual reporting, as opposed to Israeli spin, is really what matters, here's how the line could have been written: the price Gazans pay for having exercised their democratic choice in 2006, and voting, in a two-horse race, for the party of probity and resistance to Israeli diktats and faits accomplis rather than the party of venality and collusion with Israeli apartheid.

A bit too long? Well, how about this: the price Gazans pay for refusing to kiss Israel's arse?

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