Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Scribbler, Sniper, Spinner

I noticed a brief reference in this week's Sunday Telegraph (21/6) to Imre Salusinszky being a "gym rat."  Remember him?

This former Murdoch scribbler and anti-Greens/anti-BDS sniper (see Salusinszky file below) is now NSW Liberal Premier Mike (Messiah) Baird's chief spinner, just another example of the corporate media/corporate politics revolving door in action.

Spinner's mindless, knee-jerk Zionism surfaces from time to time in his tweets. Two examples:

- Rare good news for Israel @greensjeremy: 'Today I resigned from Parliamentary Friends of Israel in protest at IDF violence & crimes' - 3/8/14

- I like her more every day: 'Scarlett Johansson splits with Oxfam over Israel boycott'/The Australian - 29/1/14

When Messiah visits Israel to celebrate Israel Independence Day next year, in keeping with his bizarre promise to the Israel lobby (see Baird file below), so far unreported in the ms press, I imagine Salusinszky will be along for the ride. Hopefully, his tweets will have a little more entertainment value at the time.

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