Thursday, November 19, 2015

Charles Waterstreet's Guide to Muslim Immigrant Youth


Sydney barrister and Sun-Herald columnist Charles Waterstreet, babbling about the "blonde-haired and olive-skinned progeny of Scandinavian and Syrian origins," who "might look attractive but... will feel like aliens in a land where The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was written," takes us BACK to the wilder shores of orientalist discourse:

"The ultra-right depicted in that series of books will not take kindly to the wiry, wily desert people washed up on their shores."  (Hopelessness breeds the will to destroy, 15/11/15)

Amazing, innit? A Syrian refugee from Aleppo, a CITY which has been around for about 7,000 years, washes up in Stockholm, which has been around for about 700 years... with sand in his bloody shoes!

But there's more. Here's our learned friend on Australian Muslim youth:

"Australia has done quite well considering the incipient loathing that must exist in our suburbs where young minds are trained to recite a book by heart at night and by day study subjects that have little chance to provide employment." (ibid)

There you go - just in case you were wondering what the li'l Abduls of Bankstown got up to at night.

More madrasa than home!

Not to mention the bloody sand.

I don't know whether to weep or cry...


Anonymous said...

It's rather for us to weep or cry at your BS.

MERC said...

So glad I've given you some cognitive dissonance.

Grappler said...

They don't like the truth MERC. Note no rational arguments from them.
Keep up the good work.