Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Practitioners of Zioprop

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that occupations breed resistance.

In the case of Israel's 48-year-old OCCUPATION, that's where Zioprop comes in.

To divert your attention from the bleeding obvious fact of OCCUPATION.

When it's passive, non-violent resistance, such as that against Israel's land-grabbing Apartheid Wall, the practitioners of Zioprop will spin diverting tales of Israeli innovation or being the first to respond with medical aid to some humanitarian emergency - usually on the other side of the planet.

However, when the pressure of state (military/police) and quasi-state (settler) violence against the occupied mounts; when their hold on hearth and home becomes ever more tenuous; when their sacred sites come under threat; when their hopes and dreams (such as they are in these circumstances) begin to shrivel and die; when they can see no future; in short, when their backs are against the wall, they will, of course, rise up and lash out at their oppressors with whatever weapons are at hand - sticks, stones, knives, vehicles.

What you're seeing is another intifada.

And when it's an intifada, the practitioners of Zioprop also rise up and reach for whatever weapons are at hand.

To divert your attention, as always, from the crimes of the OCCUPATION.

For example:

"Whereas Parramatta was widely interpreted as an act of terrorism underpinned by extremist ideology, a disingenuous web has cloaked and distorted much of the reporting of the attacks on Israelis, notwithstanding the reality that they are motivated by a parallel ideology." (Killings OK but Israel's 'excessive' response condemned, Vic Alhadeff, The Australian, 7/11/15)

Yes, folks, that's Vic Alhadeff, chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, exploiting the murder of the Sydney police employee, Curtis Cheng, by a local dupe of Islamic State, as a stick to beat the OCCUPIED Palestinians, 74 of whom have been gunned down since October 1, the latest being a 72-year-old woman whose husband was murdered by Israeli OCCUPATION forces 30 years before.

Shameless doesn't begin to describe it.

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This guy is a complete nutter.