Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sharri Markson Meets Socrates

Beside herself with rage, little Sharri-pops tweeted:

"Outrageously, in two interviews in Ramallah, Palestinian officials justified the terror attacks against Israelis," (20/11/15)

... before referring her adoring readers to her 'report' on these blackguards:

"Palestinian government officials have justified violence in Israel, arguing the attacks are committed in the 'national' cause because Palestinians 'have lost hope.' The officials told The Weekend Australian the Palestinian community celebrated as martyrs those who committed attacks on Israelis. In interviews from the Palestinian city of Ramallah... Palestine Liberation Organisation spokesman Xavier Abu Eid said recent stabbing attacks were a reaction from the Palestinian people who had lost hope because of their living conditions.'Our people have been living under denied rights for decades so when someone goes out as a consequence of having lost hope, you don't have to read the Koran to do it,' he said. 'You cannot just kill hopes in the minds of people and expect these people not to react. Those people have been denied their basic rights and then you tell me they go to stab someone because of religion?" (Palestinian violence is 'in the national cause', The Australian, 21/11/15)

Fair enough, Xavier, but I would've adopted a more Socratic approach with the wee lassie:

Sharri-pops: Face it, Palestinian terror apologist, all these terrible knifings come down to religion, right?

XAE: No, they're about occupation. Tell me, how's your Jewish history?

Sharri-pops (taken aback): Jewish history? First rate, of course!

XAE: Good. Cast you mind back to the Roman occupation of Judea then.

Sharri-pops: Dreadful, just dreadful!

XAE: Right, as occupations tend to be. Now, did the Jews resist the Roman occupation?

Sharri-pops: Absolutely!

XAE: How?

Sharri-pops (the penny beginning to drop): Err... they ran around killing their occupiers with... with...

XAE: Say it!

Sharri-pops (barely audible): Knives

XAE: What's that? I can't hear you.

Sharri-pops: KNIVES, OK!

XAE: Correct. Knives. And what were they called?

Sharri-pops (in a barely audible voice): Sicarii...

XAE: And what does that mean in English?

Sharri-pops: Er... dagger-men...

XAE: I rest my case. Any more silly questions?

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Vacy said...

Absolutely brilliant.. Socratic argument for zionists in glass houses.