Monday, May 9, 2016

Sadiq Khan: No Werewolf of Londonistan

It's April 2016. Deep in her bunker in the wilds of Londonistan, Melanie Phillips taps out her - to date - worst fears.

"If the opinion polls are correct, in under two weeks Labour's Sadiq Khan will be elected Mayor of London. This is extremely troubling. Despite his noisy denunciations of terrorism and the Jew-hatred infecting his party, questions about his attitude to extremism continue to mount." (Khan for Mayor? Beware,, 21/4/16)

This weekend past, Mad Mel's worst fears were confirmed. The dreaded Sadiq Khan was indeed elected Mayor of London.

But Khan's no Islamist Werewolf of Londonistan in sheep's clothing; just another Labour Zionist pussycat really.

Listen to him purr:

On a visit to occupied Arab East Jerusalem in 2011, he's shocked, SHOCKED, to hear a Palestinian kid refer to Israeli settlers as Zionists:

"It was heartbreaking to meet a Palestinian boy... who lived in an area surrounded by the separation wall that cuts through Palestinian towns and cities, overlooked by Israeli settler houses. He told me about the regular incidents of abuse - verbal and physical - that his family suffered and he had nothing but hatred for those he called 'the Zionists'. I was shocked to hear someone so young use such a physically loaded word." (Enlightenment through play, Sadiq Khan, New Statesman, 9/1/12)

Nor can he understand why al-Aqsa Mosque is for Muslims only. Why can't it be like back home?:

"In my constituency of Tooting, south London, the local mosques perform a vital role in integrating our community. My daughters can bring their non-Muslim friends; schoolchildren visit to learn about Islam. By contrast, Israeli and Palestinian children don't play together or learn about each other's faith or culture."

After all, as he puts it, the Israelis are only "a perceived occupying force."

Anyway, if this doesn't mollify Mad Mel, nothing will:

"It is great that Tel Aviv, like other cities and countries around the world, is choosing London as its platform to promote its growing status as a cultural hub. It's another endorsement for London as the best global promotional venue." (Sadiq Khan, quoted in Zac Goldsmith & Sadiq Khan back Tel Aviv festival in London, Justin Cohen,, 1/2/16)

Hey, Mel, I think it's safe to come out now.

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Anonymous said...

So, it is true that Londonistan is the capital of North Pakistan.
Not to worry, 'Zac Goldsmith & Sadiq Khan back Tel Aviv festival in London'. Waiting for Jerusalem to become the true capital.