Thursday, May 26, 2016

They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Rambam

How lucky are the constituents of these Victorian LABOR MPs, recently returned from AIJAC's Rambam Israel Fellowship Program propaganda tour of Israel:

Lizzie Blandthorn (referred to as a 'pro-life warrior' in the press and aligned with the Shortcon (Shorten/Conroy) faction of the ALP)
Colin Brooks (parliamentary secretary to the premier)
Josh Bull
(Sir) Don Nardella (deputy speaker and dog lover extraordinaire)
Ros Spence
Marsha Thomson (Parliamentary Friends of Israel co-convenor and 2013 rambamee)
Vicky Ward
Paul Edbrooke
Nick Staikos
Gabrielle Williams

For, in the words of AIJAC Executive Director Colin Rubenstein, these select individuals have been "expose[d]... to various aspects of Israel, and to the complexities of both Israel's and the Palestinians' situation..." (AIJAC welcomes MPs on their return from Israel,, 14/5/16)

Their constituents will no doubt be champing at the bit, eager to have those "complexities" explained by those they voted for.

But wait - what's this?:

"The group came back with more questions than answers."

OK... so let me revise my last sentence, but one:

Their constituents will no doubt be champing at the bit, eager to hear the "questions" brought back by those they voted for.


Grappler said...

Interesting turn of phrase: "the complexities of both Israel's and the Palestinians' situation". It is not complex at all - the Zionists stole a country and then persuaded the West to support their ethnic cleansing and suppression of the indigenous population. What is complex about that? What are complex are the reasons that people in the West who regard themselves as liberal and progressive continue to support this view. Zionism was always the flip side of fascism and with the appointment of Lieberman as Foreign Minister, it has slipped unreservedly and irretrievably into that mode. Notice too that this piece uses the terms "Israel" and "Palestinians". Why not "Israelis" and "Palestinians" or rather to focus on the real issue, "Zionists" and "non-Zionists".

MERC said...

Well said, G. To paraphrase Orwell: If you want a vision of Israel imagine a boot stamping on a face - forever.

Grappler said...

Sorry - I got it wrong - Lieberman is Defence Minister.