Saturday, May 21, 2016

Scoop: Hasbara Levels Now at 400ppm

This is grim. MERC has just obtained important new evidence that the concentration of Zionist bulldust in the planet's intellectual atmosphere has finally reached the critical tipping point of 400ppm!

With even Australia's prime minister M'Lord Turnbull babbling on about 'smart cities', and the tell-tale Z-word 'vibrant' cropping up in his daily discourse - only yesterday, for example, in an opinion piece in the Fairfax press, he spoke of rejoicing in the "vibrant diversity of our immigrant nation"* - we are compelled to ask the terrifying question: Has the Zionisation of our intellectual climate now become irreversible?

Take a Diane Smith-Gander at the aforementioned evidence:

"Did you know that Jerusalem was the first city in the world to be completely covered by wi-fi, that Israeli scientists discovered the cause of halitosis or that Lady Gaga's shoes are designed by an Israeli? These are just a few of the little-known facts about the Jewish state featured in a video released by the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to celebrate this week's 68th anniversary of of the Declaration of Independence. Other nuggets of information include impressive statistics such as Israel having the highest number of academics per capita in the world, as well as the highest proportion of start-ups and museums. It's also revealed that Beersheva has the most chess masters per capita in the world, and that the Jewish State is one of only eight countries to have sent a satellite into space. Furthermore, Israeli women have more academic degrees than men and Israeli whiz-kids were responsible for developing the world's first anti-virus software, the technology allowing us to use WhatsApp and Messenger, as well as treatments for multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. In addition, Israel is the birthplace of the cherry tomato and Rummikub. Ranked in 11th place on the Global Happiness Index out of 196 countries, Israel was also the first country in the world to ban commercials starring underweight models." (68 facts about Israel, The Australian Jewish News, 13/5/16)

[*Our successful multicultural society is built on secure borders, Sydney Morning Herald, 20/5/16]


Grappler said...

What does it mean to say that Jerusalem is the first city in the world completely covered by Wifi. Here are plenty of instances of *free* and paid wifi across many cities in the world and Jerusalem is not mentioned.

Perhaps the hasbarists haven't had chance to edit the wikipedia page yet - too busy denying the Nakba. In fact this on trip advisor suggests that wifi coverage in Al Quds (aka Jerusalem) is no better than almost any Western city.

And if it is a paid service what makes it different from or better than a 4G mobile phone network that provides internet coverage across much wider areas. For large cities 4G is a more rational choice - robustness, maintenance costs, etc - unless we are talking about speed. I can access the internet anywhere in Melbourne (well except for a few blackspots) using 4G. The need for ubiquitous wireless coverage has gone.

I give this piece of Zionist propaganda a Fail!

Grappler said...

Now let's turn to cherry tomatoes. According to Wikipedia (and I will admit that it is not the most reliable source but why waste more time that we have to rebutting the lies of the hasbarists given the little effort they put into putting a plausible story together), the cherry tomato dates back to Aztec Mexico - 500 years or more ago and around 450 years before Israel existed. Wikipedia also says that cherry tomatoes have been popular in the US since 1919 - nearly 30 years before the existence of Israel.

On its Cherry Tomato page, Wikipedia gives greatest prominence to the tomaccio tomato - a cultivar of the cherry type that is the result of a 12 year breeding program at several labs in Israel and is a "sweet snack tomato with an improved ripening time and shelf life" but it is only one of several varieties of cherry tomato listed there including the super sweet 100 popular in the US.

Interestingly the Tomaccio Wikipedia page repeats the "12 year breeding program" story but says that this tomato was bred primarily for the sun-dried tomato market. Can't even get their story straight! I have never seen the tomaccio in stores in Australia.

Grappler said...

Interestingly, on the Wikipedia Tomato Cultivars webpage many "small" tomatoes are listed with a brief description. Once again the mantra "Developed in Israel as the result of a 12 year breeding program" is repeated in respect of the tomaccio cultivar - and nothing else. Most others give some properties: colour, or taste, or resistance to disease. Some have a statement about their history - when released and by whom - but the tomaccio stands out as having the description above. I would have thought 12 years not an unusual timespan for development of a cultivar, especially if it involved wild varieties, as the tomaccio (and others) apparently did.

"Israel invented the cherry tomato" looks like another porkie to me.

Grappler said...

How ironical "Israel the pork pie nation".

Grappler said...

I can't spend all of my time doing this but one last demolition. "World's first anti-virus software". According to Wikipedia (again) it was arguably by a company called G Data Software in Bochum Germany, founded by Andreas L√ľning and Kai Figge. I cannot find anything that relates them to Israel. Then came John McAfee - also no relationship to Israel as far as I can see - born in UK and lived in US. Fred Cohen was influential in the technology at this time but no connection to Israel. Slightly later came Ross Greenberg and Erwin Lanting - again no relationship to Israel from what I can see. Then comes a Bulgarian Bontchev, two Czechs, a South Korean, Alan Solomon (UK), and a Mexican. Then Kaspersky (Russian), Skylason (Icelandic), and others are listed. Berndt Fix is mentioned as a contender for the first but he is German, Israel is not mentioned on the Wikipedia page.

Israel - the Pork Pie Nation!