Sunday, May 22, 2016

The $1.3m (p.a.) Man

"We want to stamp out this behaviour, which we think is endemic in Western culture. We want to take a strong stand against it."*

That's Sydney University's vice-chancellor Dr Michael Spence** speaking about his academic beat. But what appalling behaviour could he possibly be referring to?

Surely, the 'ritualistic humiliation' and alcohol abuse going on in some of the university's residential colleges as reported in last week's Sydney Morning Herald?

Are you kidding?

No, he was referring to false allegations of anti-Semitism aimed at pro-Palestine activists by campus Zionists.

[*'Anti-Semitic behaviour is not acceptable at Sydney University', The Australian Jewish News, 13/5/16; **See my 28/4/15 post The Herald Awakes.]


Anonymous said...

Of course criticism of the bandit state has no place in the Australian academic circles, especially the Sydney University.

Grappler said...

Please let's not forget Jake Lynch and Tim Anderson of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies - also of Sydney Uni. You know they're on the side of the angels when you see a piece of s**t like this from the gutter press (The Australian):