Saturday, August 20, 2016

Not Happy, Sophie McNeill!

Good God, what is wrong with the ABC's Middle East correspondent, Sophie McNeill?

Can't she see that Gaza isn't blockaded by Israel, but cradled in its loving embrace?

Can't she see that the West Bank isn't occupied by Israel, but liberated, as only it knows how?

Can't she see that it's not Israel, but the Palestinians themselves who are their own worst enemies?

Not according to the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Committee (AIJAC):

"In the last 16 months or so since McNeill started as Middle East correspondent, she has filed many stories that look at Palestinian suffering in Gaza, where her coverage focuses on the 'blockade' or, indeed, on the West Bank, where the focus switches to 'occupation'. Individually and over time, her body of stories do not deviate from reflecting the attitude and bias that Israel is predominantly responsible for Palestinian suffering." (ABC admits Gaza report errors, The Australian Jewish News, 19/8/16)


Grappler said...

If it weren't so tragic it would be funny, MERC. Is the AJN saying that Palestinians would be suffering from oppression if Zionists had not invaded their country? Are Palestinians responsible because they resisted occupation and dispossession? This is sounding like the rapist who blames the victim for resisting. If the West Bank is not under occupation then it must be part of Israel and those living their should be given full rights as Israeli citizens.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Grappler, they want it both ways. When the occupiers have made life so uncomfortable for their victims, who, by force of circumstances, or are simply driven out, THEN the occupied land will become part of the Bandit State.