Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sun, Sand & Startups

I understand. Victoria can be awfully cold in winter. One longs for sun, sand... and startups:

"Over the course of eight days in July, a delegation of 11 [Victorian] Coalition MPs, including a number of Shadow Ministers, travelled to Israel to partake in AIJAC's Rambam Israel Fellowship Program with a key focus on learning about Israel's upstart startup culture and industries." (Victorian Coalition delegation looks to Israel for innovation inspiration, jwire.com.au, 12/8/16)

The rambammed were as follows:

David Southwick MP, Shadow Minister for Innovation:

"Israel is a global leader in the upstart startup world, one which Victoria can continue to partner with and learn from."

MPs Cindy McLeish, Neale BurgessGraham Watt, Nick Wakeling, Richard Riordan, and Martin Dixon are all identified in a group photo. The identity of the other 4 remains a mystery.


Grappler said...

Where they would go if they were really interested in startup hubs:


Top 5 startup cities are Istanbul, Turkey; Tallinn, Estonia; Santiago, Chile; Dubai, and Shenzhen, China.

Anonymous said...

Has any actual new innovation from any Australian individual, as opposed to company, occurred as a result of all this so called learning, all these ugly photo opportunities and all of this meaningless talking?

Is the Australian taxpayer getting any actual value for dollar from these shameless and verbose talking politicians?

Show us the actual results. How many?