Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Rise of the Know-Nothings

This observation by's Justin Raimondo resonates with me:

"I've finally figured why so many pundits and journalists are signing on to the new cold war with Russia: they weren't alive during the last one. They have no memory of the Cuban missile crisis, they didn't grow up in the era of backyard bomb shelters: for them, Fail Safe and On the Beach are just old movies.

"Take Greg Sargent, an opinion columnist with the Washington Post, who was a twinkle in his parents' eyes when John F. Kennedy put American nukes in Turkey and the Russians responded by installing nuclear missiles in Cuba. So eager is he for a confrontation with Vladimir Putin that he tweeted this [Read these 3 quotes from Trump's ABC News interview side by side] the other day. I responded with this [Amazing how 'liberals' are ginning up WWIII with Russia - just like neocons ginned up the Iraq war. Get ready!]. And he fired back with this [Area man who pretends not to support Trump lashes out at mere act of pointing out his incoherence/ignorance.] - I must be a Trump supporter! As I told him, I hope he's alive after the next missile crisis with Russia - which will be coming real soon after Hillary Clinton takes office.

"Or take Josh Rogin, who writes about foreign policy for the Washington post: he's upset that Trump won't risk World War III by facing off with Putin over Ukraine. Trump must be 'in lockstep with Putin.' Yet Rogin didn't dispute the merits of what Trump had to say - that he'd consider recognizing the Crimean referendum - only implying that Trump was some kind of Manchurian candidate. I answered him here [Is he wrong? Or does that matter?], and he soon fled back into the nether reaches of the Twittersphere. And I'd make the same point about him that I made about Sargent: these people are children. They have no memory of the cold war. They never lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation. To them it's all a game." (It's getting scarier, 1/8/16)

God help us - the kids have taken over the msm asylum.

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