Friday, August 25, 2017

A Woman Who Can't Say No

"Julie Bishop... has produced not a single sentence of substance or originality while in the portfolio." (Greg Sheridan, Bishop's errors of judgment compound the Coalition's woes, The Australian, 14/2/11)

Damn right, Greg!

In evidence:

When asked by the immediate past president of Zionism Victoria, Sam Tatarka, if Australia would open a consulate or high commission in West Jerusalem, Australia's foreign minister, Julie Bishop responded that "if she could overcome the cost and security issues," she would "consider" it. ('A significant step', The Australian Jewish News, 24/8/17)

A simple 'No' (preferably with a roll of the eyes) would have been quite sufficient.


Grappler said...

I wonder if Greg Sheridan would include this sentence:

"While the Australian government was represented at the Paris conference this does not mean we agree with every element of the final statement."

We live in a country that is even more under the control of Zionism than the US under Obama. Quite an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

"A High Commission" ?

I didn't know that occupied West Jerusalem qualified as a Commonwealth country.

As Foreign Minister Julie Bishop needs to bring herself up to speed on the basic provisions of the Geneva Conventions.

It would be like sending a diplomat to occupied Vichy France in 1940.

Julie Bishop was demonstrating her shameless obsequiousness to Zionism. She knows the media will let her get away with it.

MERC said...

I think you're confusing West with East Jerusalem.

Grappler said...

Technically, MERC, West Jerusalem was part of pre-1947 Palestine to be allocated to Palestine but with special status to permit access by all religions.

"Although that partition map put Jerusalem within the boundaries of the envisaged Palestinian Arab state, it designated Jerusalem and Bethlehem as corpus separatum, under international rule."

MERC said...

True, G, every inch of River-to-Sea Palestine is occupied land, inc. West Jerusalem.