Wednesday, August 23, 2017

At Last, Plain Speech on Israel

A MUST-WATCH video from The Empire Files' Abby Martin: Abby Martin exposes Zionism and Israel on Joe Rogan Podcast at

Here's the opening:

Martin: You showed me that Dennis Prager video. It was an argument about Israel where he was talking about why Israel deserves to exist. After being there, man, holy shit. I feel like people have no idea... I didn't even know what the hell was going on till I went to Palestine and saw how crazy it was, but, man...
Rogan: What was it like? Give me your thoughts.
Martin: So everyone mistakenly thinks that Hamas controls Palestine. That's not true at all. There's 3 different areas that were drawn up with the original partition. There's the West Bank, which is totally under military rule by Israel, and then there's the Gaza Strip, which is, like, the open-air prison which they bomb the shit out off like every couple of years, and Hamas controls that area. And then there's Jerusalem which is an international city centre that both Arabs and Jews live in, but the West Bank has been occupied militarily since 1967, and it's complete martial law. There's checkpoints, all political parties are illegal, you can't... having a gun is like the least of it. You can't hold a flag, you can't belong to a political party, you literally can't do shit. If you're a Palestinian you just have to sit there and submit, and even if you share a photo of someone who's like been killed by an Israeli soldier, you go to jail for the amount of months...
Rogan: Whaat?
Martin:... based on the shares and likes of the photo... they'll penalise you more and put you in prison for longer and longer. I mean, I'll just tell you one thing... like you put something on Facebook, and it'll be a photo of someone who died, and it'll be like you're sharing a martyr and inciting people, like, to commit suicide, like, on behalf of Palestinians, and you go to jail, and they put them in jail. There's a 99.7% conviction rate, kids are tortured, kids are imprisoned. It is absolutely insane. We went to a funeral... some guy, some farmer who was shot by Israeli forces, and we went to the funeral. All the women are wailing, crying, and as we're leaving the Israeli forces had set up a checkpoint right outside the home. So they're tear-gassing and shooting rubber bullets at people who are simply attending a funeral. We went to a girl's house named Aya who got shot in the vagina for peacefully protesting at some protest and they shot her. They shot 200 people that day. One guy next to her died and another guy was paralysed. They have a policy of shoot to cripple where they shoot guys in their dicks.
Rogan (inhaling audibly)
Martin: Yeah, it's fucking nuts, man. The West Bank is no joke. I thought that I was gonna die several times...

Watch it... and spread it around.


Anonymous said...

"There, but for the grace of God, go I", Abby, what was she thinking, make Australia the home of the people without a land, Sacrilegious! Australia was not Terra Nullius, always was Aborignal land. And given how their treatment parallels the Palestinian experience, 50 years of occupation without recognition is just the beginning.

MERC said...

Yep, her interview got very problematic towards the end. I'll be doing a post on that aspect later today.

Anonymous said...

However, her video in the refugee camps provides the embedded reality that underpins her passion. She is forgiven for some of her Ill chosen language. Abbey Martin should be lauded the world over for her journalism and her bravery (puts the journos in the MSM here to absolute shame). How about the Oz media get out of their cosy little office chairs, and find the courage do their jobs as impeccably as Abbey Martin does.
Must see and share, life in the refugee camps of Palestine.