Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tim Fischer on John Lyons

Here's an excellent letter from today's Australian by former deputy prime minister (1996-1999) under John Howard, Tim Fischer:

"There is the good, the bad and the ugly in the Middle East. The Six-Day War reportage on its 50th anniversary year 2017 has been skewed, or was until the publication of the penetrating book Balcony Over Jerusalem by John Lyons. This book is the first in years to give a mention of substance to what happened on the fourth day when Israeli forces killed 34 US sailors on the USS Liberty, quickly apologised and paid reparations. Israel downplayed the saga while the US mounted a huge cover up, all exposed by the quotes Lyons has dug out, especially from Adlai Stevenson.

"Aligned spokesmen for Middle East countries will always skip over the ugly as they promote their country's perceived interests. Lyons details how parts of the honest debate on such issues as West Bank occupation in Israel are shut out of debate here in the Australian media and public domain. It is a subject that needs to be tackled for the truth to come out on the many complexities of the Middle East. It must be told without filters, shutters and threats." Mudgegonga, Vic


Grappler said...

Isn't it interesting how they are always "formers". Former Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser,

former Foreign Minister, Bob Carr,

and now former Deputy Prime Minister. Are we ever going to have a serving member of the government with enough guts to say what needs to be said? I think we know why not.

Heartstrings said...

Yep, sad. Note the hounding of UK Jeremy Corbyn when he condemns the murder of Gaza civilians today to celebrities threatened by Hollywood they will never work again. In Australia the politicians who do speak for justice for Palestine get no media coverage.disgraceful media