Thursday, August 3, 2017

More Fake Noos


"Those who remain [in Raqqa] include Chechen veterans, former al-Qaida militants and Iraqi Ba'athists who fought for Saddam Hussein. They are ready to die for the 'caliphate' but have amassed hundreds of thousands of civilians around them as human shields." (Teen army tightening net on ISIS in Raqqa, Louise Callaghan, The Sunday Times/The Australian, 2/8/17)

Iraqi Ba'athists who fought for Saddam Hussein???

You're kidding me, Louise. That was 2003. This is is 2017.

Are you seriously telling us that a bunch of Iraqi blokes, brought up on a diet of secular Ba'athist Arab nationalism, and now over 14 years older than they were in 2003, are prepared to die for a... 'caliphate'... in Syria?

Pull the other.


Grappler said...

I'll post this here, though off-topic, and really relevant your post of a few days ago, about the book by John Lyons. Mondoweiss has an article

on Lyons book. The article focuses on an interview by Lyons of Jodi Roderen (former NYT reporter in Jerusalem) in which she says Israel looks like an apartheid state. Of course, she would never have said that in the NYT.

MERC said...

Thanks, G, a first class piece by Cook. It should be read by everyone. Just one line says it all: "Germany's largest newspaper group, owned by Axel Springer, requires journalists to sign a document agreeing that they 'support the vital rights of the people of Israel'." Totally outrageous.

Grappler said...

Again off-topic, MERC. Have you ever covered the Tom Suarez book, State of Terror. I've just bought it. Here is a link to a talk by him on the topic of the book.